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Post Your Desktop!


T.M. said:
I love macs :cry2:

The person who wanted limewire Pro, just search limewire basic for limewire Pro :p

What's that skin? I need it. It's a matter of life or death.
It's a MS Theme. I cracked my uxtheme.dll so I can install themes directly into XP w/o the need of sotware.


Sup, Recoil here.
Tree said:
lolorz. novel sux0rz. winows=pwnage. windows ftw!!!!!!!1!!1!111111!!!!1

Seriously, if you can't post something halfway intelligent, don't post at all. Actually, Novell is very nice. I've never been a fan of Novell's operating systems (SuSE), but NetWare, GroupWise, and their MySQL software has never been bad to me.
Just put him on your ignore list, I did a while ago...


Mine: http://forums.philosophyforums.com/download.php?comid=345478&attachid=754
Would look better if KDE 3.5 didn't uglify non-focused items when using a transparent taskbar.

sEp said:
Why Opera when you can Firefox?
Why keep both arms when you could get along with one? I used Firefox for years before I found Opera, but it just doesn't do enough, and I don't care to spend a year installing all the extensions that would be necessary to make Firefox have the critical features of Opera if that were even possible (which I suspect it isn't). I want session saving, spell checking, the 'validate' right-click option, fit to window width, true tabs [so that they can be less than the full screen size], etc. I also want one-click theme installation without having to leave to visit some website, and I want the themes to work on all versions rather than breaking on upgrades. I don't know of any browsers that fill the bill outside of Opera, though Konqueror is probably closest.
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My Desktop @ Home

Wait, can Windows look like Macintosh?! lol. Just a little joke. By the way, I got that Wallpaper at Bluelaguna.net, but I had to use sharpen in Photoshop 7 once and then use Gaussien Blur Once as well.

My screen size at home has always been 800 x 600 (pixels). As my mother wants nothing more than it.