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Hey kids,

This topic seems pretty general...almost something one could discuss in the general discussion part of FWS.

I'm looking for recommendations on some cheap projectors that won't break the bank. Just looking for something decent for home theatre, but nothing special. No HD needed. All I ask is decent picture, and cheap.

Used market is fine by me, a look on ebay shows me many projectors in the $200-$300 range which wouldn't be too shabby.

Lets hear it!


Kicking your a$$
Unfortunately the cheaper ones are only good for about 800x600 resolution.
That resolution, blown up to 2meters, IS NOT GOOD.
For a start, 800x600 is just not enough room to even browse webpages, but even upscaled to 1024, i still dont like it.

Movies are quiet watchable, games arent too bad, but the desktop is horrid.
Everything seems slightly out of focus and you can see every individual pixel making up the fonts. Dont try to do any graphic editing either.

I wont get another projector unless its capable if true HD.

But if you just want to use it for movies only, you will probably be happy with 800x600, but id recommend getting one that does 720p (1280×720). Unfortunately soon as you start asking for more that 800x600, the price starts to rapidly increase.

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For what you're looking for, THIS seems to be a good fit for you. Native Resolution of 1024x768, DVI, VGA, component, the whole deal. 2000 lumens for just at home isn't bad. Bulb life could be better, it's at 1300 right now but lasts to 2000. But the bid is only at like $150 right now, so that's a pretty good deal

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Gah, I hate NEC. Just because our clients always bring them in on their conferences trying to save a buck instead of using our higher end stuff, and then wonder why it looks like ----.

I'm not allowed to tell them it's because we're in a conference center and not a living room.


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Have you take a look at any of the Sony projectors? Others to consider are Panasonic and Infocus.

P/S: I don't really trust NEC. ;)