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Should I?


Cross Industries
Should Cross Industries offer an instant activation package? It would be one with no posting requirements, nor any advertisements.

Throw me some comments and/or suggestions.
Suggestion: Don't do it. You'll get flooded with spam or inactive accounts. My own experience talks here...
I am with Erizo on this one. Don't do it. If your going to limit it to 10 sign-ups a day, you could get 10 spam accounts and miss out on the legit ones.

If you want to still do this, at least use a fraud prevention script. This will not stop them alone, but it is better than nothing.

I manually verify and create every account once it passes our fraud detection. I have turned down more accounts even though it passes. It may take me up to 2 days before I get to it, but I think this negative greatly outweighs any short comings.

Just my opinion
Exactly as namepad said. Do you really need 10 spam/unused accounts per day? :p

It's not the amount of accounts you give, it's the amount of spammers/ToS violators/people who don't use accounts that matters.
Use http://recaptcha.net/ if you plan on automating accounts. Its free and easy to implement with a PHP form. Its a lot better than standard captcha.

I would do something like 5 good posts one time equals free hosting. Don't automate it. You will be in hell! You may have like 200 accounts signed up & no time to check it! Don't automate it! Trust me!
Any software that's like iPanel? And by that, I mean GOOD, RELIABLE software.

How does that make any difference?

The creation of the account is not and will never be the main issue. It's about how they use the accounts. That's where the problem is located.

The term "spam singups", in this context, should refer to people who abuses the hosting accounts you provided.

My suggestion is by using p2h (either 1-time posting or monthly posting) :) That way, you can control the signups to allow only "real" singups.
Hmm. Then I must be in the minority of humble non-flood users.
I do a lot of my rec time at strange hours, and don't enjoy waiting for 7 hours for the admin to get up.

I'm ignorant of what spammers do with their accounts, but I could live with "upload your index page within 24 hours or it vanishes". It might also be interesting to make two types of accounts. "Account with no mail access = instant, mail rights = manually approved". I use central webmails, never a free host mail. I just want to host my little pages and stay out of harm's way.
In my experience, mail (spam) is the smallest problem... The big problems are about server-abuse, phishing, high server load, etc. :)
I know, but there are a lot of bots that try to sign up with iPanel. If there is a script that is open-source or paid, but not encoded, I could use captcha or re-captcha to prevent most bot signups.
Instead of automatic signup, I will really recommend you to use 1-time forum posting. That way, no one can spam :D Just make the requirement really small, like 5 or 10 posts.

Even if you use recaptcha, the problem will then be on how they use the account....
Well, I like iPanel's file scanner. And besides, its easily noticeable when a user tries to abuse the server.
If you want something better, what don't use Cpanel, i use it when offering free hosting and it's the better, i do also use WITH it the hosting tool (free) to manage accounts which very secured and easy to use.
iPanel 4.0 has auto-approve free accounts.

Admin->Configuration->Main Configuration->{Tab}: Ordering-> "Auto-approve free orders:" Set to yes.

Yea, I know.

If you want something better, what don't use Cpanel, i use it when offering free hosting and it's the better, i do also use WITH it the hosting tool (free) to manage accounts which very secured and easy to use.

cPanel sucks and hogs resources. The Hosting Tool is the worst and its not secure. Stop lying to yourself. Anything that is open-source (free) is unsecure.