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Sim games


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Who here misses the sim series? I think I'm going to buy Sim City for iPhone since I loved that game so much! I want EA to port Sim Tower/Sim Copter too.

On another note, I might also buy Oregon Trail for iPhone because I loved that game too!


Why is Dan Back!!
Ah mate, those were the days. You know I made the worlds biggest effort to get my hands on every expansion pack for the sims! I managed to get them all too!

Then downloaded shyteloads of items from the net. Ahh, those were the days.


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How I miss Oregon Trail. I'm waiting on the Sims 3 release, too bad it got pushed back.

Was always fun building up a massive city in Sim City, then destroying it with multiple disasters.


Remember these?

CASS       Gain $400
BUDDAMUS   $500,000 dollars
IMACHEAT   $500,000 dollars
FUND       Issues a 25% bond
MRSOLEARY  Starts a fire
NOAH       Starts a flood 
SODOM      Starts a fire storm
GOMORRAH   Nuclear meltdown
MOSES      Stops a flood
JOKE       Weird picture
GILMARTIN  Get an Army Base
DAMN,DARN or HECK   Residential areas rezoned to churches
Sim City 2000 was awesome.
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g7j3k1b8n4h1s7u2 said:
i can't wait the sims 3, it'll be available on july 5
Weird name :lol:
I think the iPhone Pro or whatever the next one will be called will be available by then... so I'm betting that they're making it optimized for that phone. What do you think?