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Someone ripped off most of my site?


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I found this site, http://thewebworld.org/forum/, and it seemed that their forum/categories titles and descriptions are the same with my site, http://sitefrost.com.

Can they be more obvious? At least, change a word :p LOL

PS: Btw, look at their page title, "The Web World - A Unique Online Community | Free cPanel & WHM Hosting, Premium Templates And More Freebies!". That's what they call by "unique" :p
wow thats alot of forums for a single site..

I think they shouldnt of ripped your forum idea, but I only think that because your forum idea is pretty crap. many many forums, an amazingly unbelievable amount of forums
As CnR said, that is "an amazingly unbelievable amount of forums."

Yes, it does look like they copied your forum boards. The description for the boards are the same and your forums has been around longer is probably evidence of this. Just my 2 cents.
Interesting. Does that even qualify for duplicate content? :D

Anyways, is there any legal action that could be taken? I can't think of any....
Interesting. Does that even qualify for duplicate content? :D

Anyways, is there any legal action that could be taken? I can't think of any....

Lol no and even if there was it wouldn't be worth it.

I didn't mean to copy it, when I started it I wanted a basic layout to start with...I just didn't have time to change it. You know how it's like running a host.

Anyway...If he asked I would have changed it anyway :)
Ok, as everyone said that there are unbelievably lots of forums, can you suggest some to merge/remove ? I have some i mind, but I'd like to hear yours :)

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Firstly, remove the "Accepted/Rejected" type sub-forums, you don't need them. Just use a prefix on each (Or tag, whatever they're called in myBB) title saying "Accepted/Rejected" no need to create other forums for them.

Move Testmonials, Suggestions, into General Discussions (Or even General talk, as I just seen it.) - as that's what they are - this is so people can give their feedback on them.
Put 'request plan upgrade/downgrade' into support center, as it is a support request.
Create FAQ as a global announcement into General Questions, Pre-signup, support centre. Or just create it as a actuall HTML webpage and link to it in the header.
Remove the "Test and spam forum", that's just uneeded really considering your forum is myBB. If it was something hardly ever used like Woltlab for example, then it would apply. Kinda.
New member into into general talk, since it's just a "lobby" in it's own.

The rest just need cutting down.

For example: Programming you can put into 1 forum. or two, being specific that is. Like you can do programming with databases, or just programming. Or programming help, or programming tutorials.

You again can use that idea of thread prefixes saying what the language is, like
 How to select information from a database?, [SQL] How to build a table with this info?

Obviously the prefixes will be added by the user when they submit the thread.