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stabbing pains in my chest ....


stop staring
I had a rough night, followed by a miserable morning .... when I lit my breakfast a minute ago and breathed out my chest sort of got stuck and I had to cough out the smoke, now everytime I breathe in I get a real intense pain in my chest .... how the ---- do I get rid of it, I wanna finish my breakfast ......
sounds like trapped wind, dont forget to keep breathing lol. it wont go away quickly but should not last any longer than 15-20 mins or i'd give the doc a little call
try this aswell: exhale all of the way, bend over .. hold your breath aslong as you can- then take a long deep breath.
I took something for heartburn and the pain subsided, so I called the NHS direct ( like doctors on the phone ) they said to go into A&E - even though I told em I smoke heavy and how it happened - so I went to a&e and they sat me with an ECG, I sat there for about an hour picking my nose while nurses tried to keep up with my daughter, they said there's nothing wrong, that my heart beat is a little restless but that's probably because I was anxious, still got pain though and too scared to smoke ... the nurse that hooked me up to the machine said he had never had to put a seemingly healthy 23 year old on a heart monitor before ....
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Actually, that's not far from the truth, I just looked over the stuff in my freezer that I eat regular - I take in an astounding amount of energy every day and the only way I have to use it is by saying "no don't put that in your mouth", "get your hands out of there", "put that back where you got it", concentrating intensely for 4-6 hours at a time, and smoking .....
Do you mean like one of those totally painful air bubbles, or air pockets Joe?
I get those once in a while and the pain is almost unbearable!
Sends a shock through your whole body but the pain is in your chest area.
Those usualy only last for a short period though. They feel like if you take a deep breath it will hurt worse. The best way I have found to get rid of those when they come on is to slowly stretch backwards straightining out your back and pushing your chest out. This will pop the bubble/air pocket.

if this is your first one and it is just what I get (hopefully) .. maybe you were just too concerned to take a deep breath and pop the bubble. Sometimes as much as it hurts if you take a deep breath it can pop it to.
Drugs & Breakfast don't mix!

Drugs & the Special K Deal DO!.

* Disclaimer DRUGS KILL!.
...Some are saying drugs, some are saying cigarettes... When I read it, I assumed he meant drugs. Maybe some clarification is in order.

I have a heart condition, so I know how you feel. When it was real bad, I couldn't walk across a parking lot without stopping a few times.

I have had, what I thought was, a very bad chest infection with about 3 weeks now. Each morning when I wake (afternoon in reality), I am choking and puking up yellow flem or however that's spelled, and last week I went to see my Doc. Here is the convo basically:

Charlie. I have a bad chest infection. Give me some antibiotics man.

Ok. But first, I need to check you out.

Now, that may seem totally pointless to the readers but believe me, it made a huge difference.
Usually he would just say, yeah ok here's the script.

He checked me out, took some blood etc and told me to go and call back in a couple days. So, I did:

So Charlie me old son. What's the story?

You seriously need to quit smoking. Your chest is not infected. Your Lungs are like a sess pit. If you do not quit smoking, or at least cut down, you will be dead in a year.
You do not have cancer or any other disease but it won't be too long before some sort of serious illness will occur.

All I want each day is my coffee, my cigs and my PC.
To clarify, I gotta smoke about an eigth before I can eat .... so I call that breakfast ....

I will give up smoking, soon ....