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The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

All right all domains either owned by johnathan snyder or equiline foundation at one time or another.


Spent 2 hours and i think i got them all if i missed them please let me know.

Next all of johnathans known alias

umm i show that devilsplace and myservicehub were both in the list of ones that equiline owned sorry to burst your bubble.
Its myadminhub.me, not myservicehub, I dont own myservicehub. The devilplace domains arnt owned atm, I let them expire 1 year ago.
I think i would find a different domain and find one that doesn't look like it was associated with this group if your want to start fresh.
What is he looking for now? Any specific services?

He was wanting cpanel reseller hosting. I band his ip from accessing my sites in cpanel. Besides, I only offer DirectAdmin shared and reseller hosting. I now have 2 ips banned in cpanel, first one is from england, 2nd one is his ip obviously.
He was wanting cpanel reseller hosting. I band his ip from accessing my sites in cpanel. Besides, I only offer DirectAdmin shared and reseller hosting. I now have 2 ips banned in cpanel, first one is from england, 2nd one is his ip obviously.

I know this guy offended a lot of people, but its still not allowed to publish his ip like you did above.
I have reported that post so a staff member can remove the ip.
Hi Everyone.

Just an FYI with the company "The Equiline Foundation" and "Equiline Data Services", I have just had a run in with their company which has breached Business Ethics of both Australia and the United States of America.

Please see the skype conversation below;
[17/06/12 12:26:43 AM] Johnathan360: Good morning Sarah
[17/06/12 2:12:20 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Hi Johnathan
[17/06/12 2:28:22 AM] Johnathan360: Did you still plan on taking my offer?
[17/06/12 3:39:45 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Where is the server's physical location.
[17/06/12 3:40:14 AM] Johnathan360: USA
[17/06/12 3:42:41 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: which coast ?
[17/06/12 3:43:21 AM] Johnathan360: Chicago Illinois
[17/06/12 3:46:28 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: ok
[17/06/12 3:46:28 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Sure
[17/06/12 3:46:31 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: I'll sign up.
[17/06/12 3:47:00 AM] Johnathan360: We agreed $14 correct?
[17/06/12 3:53:49 AM] Johnathan360: http://myservicehub.me/cart.php?a=add&pid=42
[17/06/12 3:58:16 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Yes. That's correct.
[17/06/12 3:58:53 AM] Johnathan360: Okay that link will allow you to place the order.
[17/06/12 4:00:46 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Signed up, invoice paid.
[17/06/12 4:02:15 AM] Johnathan360: okay
[17/06/12 4:02:19 AM] Johnathan360:  will work on processing it
[17/06/12 4:06:35 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: no problems.
[17/06/12 4:10:48 AM] Johnathan360: oh my goodness
[17/06/12 4:10:57 AM] Johnathan360: I just realized I misbilled you by $10
[17/06/12 4:11:22 AM] Johnathan360: quarterly was supposed to be $40
[17/06/12 4:13:01 AM] Johnathan360: http://myservicehub.me/viewinvoice.php?id=168 If you would not mind.
[17/06/12 4:13:19 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: hmm...
[17/06/12 4:13:31 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Well, the price that was advertised by invoice was $30
[17/06/12 4:13:46 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: I find it a bit unethical to change this after I have already committed, and made payment.
[17/06/12 4:14:04 AM] Johnathan360: that was due to human error, surely you understand IF we were to do that it puts us at loss
[17/06/12 4:14:09 AM] Johnathan360: as we still have to  pay for the ip
[17/06/12 4:14:12 AM] Johnathan360: and clientexeec
[17/06/12 4:14:14 AM] Johnathan360: every month
[17/06/12 4:14:40 AM] Johnathan360: Our price is already very cheap
[17/06/12 4:15:27 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: So then, due to human error at your company's end, you expect my company to pay to cover the mistake at your company's end?
[17/06/12 4:16:44 AM] Johnathan360: You still get a discount, by paying every three months you get an extra $2 off an extrely cheap price, as several people on FWS said nobody else will offer you what I am at this price
[17/06/12 4:17:32 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: yet I had a private offer of $6.99 for my hosting, including Clientexec, and the dedicated IP address.
[17/06/12 4:18:11 AM] Johnathan360: I just about guarentee you will have issues with them, but f you wish to go right ahead I wish you the best of luck.
[17/06/12 4:19:42 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: So
[17/06/12 4:20:17 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: You are expecting me to pay you an additional $10 for a billing issue caused by your company. This actually breaches standards of pratice within Australia, and the United States.
[17/06/12 4:20:58 AM] Johnathan360: If you wish though I will give you an extra $3 off, you are however wrong seeing as the service is not yet active I am well within my right to FIX an error on our systems.
[17/06/12 4:21:15 AM] Johnathan360: I do not know about Austraila law but we are bound by US law
[17/06/12 4:21:24 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: As I don't care about making some federal case over a whole $10 every three months, I will pay it this time. However, if a billing error arises and you attempt to force my company to pay for your company's billing mistake, I may need to make a public statement.
[17/06/12 4:21:26 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: ok.
[17/06/12 4:22:04 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Actually, the agreed price was $14 a month, on your billing system, you had $30 every 3 months specified
[17/06/12 4:22:09 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Which is advertised to me
[17/06/12 4:22:19 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: this then comes under the law of false advertising
[17/06/12 4:22:20 AM] Johnathan360: $14 x 3 is $42 maam
[17/06/12 4:22:44 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Johnathan. I am not a simpleton. I am well aware what the cost would be. I am a businesswomam.
[17/06/12 4:22:48 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: *woman
[17/06/12 4:22:50 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: And for the record
[17/06/12 4:22:54 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: it is actually $42
[17/06/12 4:23:02 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: sorry
[17/06/12 4:23:03 AM] Johnathan360: I already fixed my mistake maam
[17/06/12 4:23:33 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: my screen is messing up because I am doing so many things at the same time and I generally do not have the time to deal with other company's billing issues.
[17/06/12 4:23:41 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: You have my response.
[17/06/12 4:23:45 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: If it happens again
[17/06/12 4:23:55 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: I may need to make a public statement
[17/06/12 4:23:59 AM] Johnathan360: This s my point though, I mistakenly hit the wrong keyboard key... just as you did a second ago
[17/06/12 4:24:02 AM] Johnathan360: everyone makes mistakes
[17/06/12 4:24:28 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: I never published it as a price on a website that was made available to a prospective client
[17/06/12 4:24:29 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Now
[17/06/12 4:25:03 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: If you want to argue with me, that is fine, I will take my business elsewhere. If you want to cast your issues aside and move on then lets do that.
[17/06/12 4:25:10 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: The ball is in your court.
[17/06/12 4:25:17 AM] Johnathan360: Let's move on then
[17/06/12 4:25:19 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: ok
[17/06/12 4:25:25 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: I will pay that $10.
[17/06/12 4:25:52 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Ensure there are No further billing errors from here on in, and we will have a wonderful ongoing business relationship.
[17/06/12 4:26:02 AM] Johnathan360: Perfect :)
[17/06/12 4:26:57 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: There you go. It's been paid
[17/06/12 4:36:04 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Why are you asking for photo ID ?
[17/06/12 4:36:42 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: For the record, I have no scanner with me, so this could majorly delay the process and ultimately cost more for my company, which I am not prepared to do.
[17/06/12 5:32:25 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Johnathan360. Please issue complete refund for $40 (both transactions) I am taking my business elsewhere due to staff within your company and their rude attitudes.
[17/06/12 5:33:25 AM] Johnathan360: I have already been updated by Daniel one of my employees if you wish to end business with us Please follow the instructions you were gven. I am sorry If you are upset by this.
[17/06/12 5:33:46 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: if my refund is not processed, I will be making the emails with Daniel public.
[17/06/12 5:34:06 AM] Johnathan360: threaten all you like, you have been told how to get your money back
[17/06/12 5:34:17 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: I have not conducted business with you, I have not received my service, do the refund immediately.
[17/06/12 5:34:25 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: And for the record
[17/06/12 5:34:28 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: It is not a threat.
[17/06/12 5:34:31 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: It is a promise
[17/06/12 5:34:45 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: And you are more then welcome to review the emails I have sent to your staffmember.
[17/06/12 5:34:51 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: They are direct, concise, and fair.
[17/06/12 5:35:02 AM] Johnathan360: Concersation Ended, please call manageement at +18888210432
[17/06/12 5:35:10 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Not a single one is abusive, excluding the responses from your staff member
[17/06/12 5:35:46 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: now you will process the refund immediately. I have conducted a duspute with PayPal. And I am making the chat log of this skype as well as the emails public.

All email correspondance with the so called staff member "Daniel"
This conversaton is over. I am not going to be disrespected. Any further emails from you will be deleted and regarded as abusive to our systems and staff. To resolve your situation you WILL call 888-281-0432 or it will NOT be resolved. your choice.

Daniel Tyson - Sales & Support Agent
The Equiline Foundation

On Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:28:34 -0400, Sarah Allen <sarmth@me.com> wrote:

I do not have to call the number, and I am not having an attitude. Your management team will call my phone number 61488800890 and I will have my refund processed immediately. This is NOT negotiable.

On 17/06/2012, at 5:24 AM, The Equiline Foundation wrote:

Firstly do not expect a refund from this department with your attitude if you want to process a refund call management at 888-218-0432 I never said we are not a registered company... that is untrue we are not AUSTRALIAN registered nor do we have to... I do not know about any billing mistake as I did not process your custom order. as for you not knowing about the ID you can blame yourself that you did not ask.

On Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:20:17 -0400, Sarah Allen <sarmth@me.com> wrote:

The stature of your company is laughable.

Firstly your company makes a "billing mistake" in which I am demanded to cover the additional amount.
Secondly, your company does not make claim that a photo ID is required to purchase products before the payment has been completed.
Thirdly, your company is not registered.

This being said, I expect to have the $40 I paid refunded immediately, I will likely be making a public statement about your company's poor business strategies and ethics.

Be sure to have the refund completed within the next 5 minutes.

On 17/06/2012, at 5:16 AM, The Equiline Foundation wrote:

Be that as it may, you will be asked for verification of your identity in many places but f you do not wish to proove who you are than  have no choce but to believe you are a fraudulent person and can not proceed with your order until I am proven otherwise.

On Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:12:46 -0400, Sarah Allen <sarmth@me.com> wrote:

As I have said, the only way you will receive a copy of my Australian ID is if you provide me with your Australian Business Certificate. I will not provide you with the means to steal an identity within Australia. You have my requirements, if you do not like it, then I will take my business elsewhere. I am not confident in your company's lack of reputation. And find it disturbing that your company is demanding personal and private information from a member of a company where the company is your client.

This being said, I will not under any circumstances be providing a company that has such a High fraud rating as yours, with my personal ID.
Domain Create Date:11-Apr-2012 09:02:02 UTC
Hosted by hostgater
Domain registered through GoDaddy
Domain Managed by GoDaddy.

The fact that your company doesn't even have it's own infrastructure is concerning enough. The fact that is has not even been operating for over a year, is very alarming. And there is no way in hell I will provide you with a copy of a valid Australian Identification Document over the internet unless I see proof that your company is legitimate, and I will only take an Australian Business Registration Certificate as that proof.

On 17/06/2012, at 5:06 AM, The Equiline Foundation wrote:

We have never been or said to have been an Australian company. We have always done vetting wth our clents to minimize fraud.

On Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:04:09 -0400, Sarah Allen <sarmth@me.com> wrote:

As I have said with Jonathan360 over Skype I am not prepared to provide my photo identity over the internet to a company I do not know. I want to see your registered business certificate within Australia before I provide you with my Photo ID. As this was not made aware to me prior to signup and payment of the invoices. Your option is to proceed without my photo ID, or to provide me with your Certificate of Registration of Business Name valid within any of the Australian States, and I will be validating your business credentials.

On 17/06/2012, at 5:01 AM, The Equiline Foundation wrote:

After vetting is complete.

On Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:59:35 -0400, Sarah Allen <sarmth@me.com> wrote:

Hi Daniel.

When will my service be ready.


On 17/06/2012, at 4:34 AM, MyServceHub Shared/Reseller Support wrote:


Thanks for your order with The Equiline Foundation, please attach a valid photo ID with the address on front matching the address on file.

Kind Regards
Daniel Tyson,
The Equiline Foundation
2130 College Ave.
Goshen, IN 46528 (USA)
The Equiline Foundation: 2130 College Ave, Goshen IN 46528 (USA)

Confidentiality Notice: This message and any accompanying documents contain information that is confidential, privileged or exempt from disclosure under applicable law and is intended for the exclusive use of the addressee. This information is private and protected by law. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information in any manner is strictly prohibited.

This email sent from within The Equiline Foundation located at 2130 College Ave. Goshen, IN 46528 (USA)  <<< --- >>> www.equilinefoundation.org

This email sent from within The Equiline Foundation located at 2130 College Ave. Goshen, IN 46528 (USA)  <<< --- >>> www.equilinefoundation.org

This email sent from within The Equiline Foundation located at 2130 College Ave. Goshen, IN 46528 (USA)  <<< --- >>> www.equilinefoundation.org

This email sent from within The Equiline Foundation located at 2130 College Ave. Goshen, IN 46528 (USA)  <<< --- >>> www.equilinefoundation.org

This email sent from within The Equiline Foundation located at 2130 College Ave. Goshen, IN 46528 (USA)  <<< --- >>> www.equilinefoundation.org

Sorry to hear that you has issue with them, I can only agree a very poor customers support and the fact that they lied on the price make me dubious about the professionally of this company.
It does more then just "steal money"

He has robbed over 20 domains from me, my friend. He has hacked in to namecheap accounts, godaddy accounts and transferred domains and has done much worse then that.
I owned xeocp.com and xeocommunity.com and he hacked in to my domain account, he took them and the domain provider did nothing about it.

He does much more then steal money. I have been robbed by him many times.

Thanks to his robbing me, I have became more successful by learning what these scam people do, how to spot one better.

Note to all, if you are being given an amazing offer, but the person does not have it listed on a website then just deny it.

To all that have been scammed money and/or domains, please contact me and I will happily help you out as I've been there before. It sucks.

I hope he ends up in maximum security prison for the crimes he has committed.

List of crimes:
Credit Card Fraud
and more...

You would have just to report it to ICANN and they would have given your domain back.
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By the way, how long does it take overall in the case they they can give the domain back?