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This is an important issue about infractions and rules that we all have to discuss.


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Mr./Ms./Mrs. Jan,

Whoever you are, I really do not understand that. You gave me an infraction just because there are two posts that came from two SIMILAR accounts. May I ask you a question? Have you ever investigated into the issue? Must it be me to post it with another account? If you suspect me using a proxy, did you check if the IP address registered with that account is a proxy IP? What email is that account registered with????

There are lots of questions that I can come up with, that you NEVER...yessss... NEVER...try to resolve it or get least give some evidences to prove what I have done ... POST MORE THAN 1 ADS in a week...really???

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Sain Cai

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First, no one cares about your problem.
Second, that is an issue for Jan herself, so take it to PMIf there ws more then 1 ad posted within a week in the offers section, then you deserve an infraction. It's in the rules, do yourself a favor and read them.

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If you are both posting ads for the same company you need to make sure that you only post 1 ad per week in total for that company. It's a simple and fair rule.

Sain Cai

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Interesting. The dude openly flames an administrator and not only is the thread not closed but he isn't banned? Wasn't another member banned for calling one a Nazi or something?

Would love to hear the rationale on that.


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Stupid decapitalization of my capitalization.
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