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New Member
Whats the best way to get Web Traffic.

What do you all think is the best way the get web traffic to go to your webs sites ?

A1Owner said:
Well put lots of nude chicks pics on ur site and it will become famous soon.
LOL! :lol: It will work for sure. You don't need to find traffic, traffic come and find you.
The best way to get traffic is to study SEO (search engine
optimization) and then work on getting decent keyword rankings for your site. This does take a while to develop so in the mean time you can do the
following to get traffic to your site:

1. Post on forums and include your site in your signiture - This really
only works for sites that are related to the niche of the forum.
2. Pay for traffic through a PPC program link AdWords.
3. Purchase ads on high traffic sites related to your niche.
The best way I found to get web traffic is to have something interesting on your website.

For example, on my personal website I do a little thing called Kyle's Adventures. It brings in traffic and gains popularity through the mishaps and comedic effects. Just get a gimmick in other words.
Puffin Host said:
The best way I found to get web traffic is to have something interesting on your website.

even if you have interesting things in your website...how are people going to see it if they dont know about the site?

good ways to get traffic is to get a high rank in search engines and also using a program similar to google adsense...traffic inflow booms with SEO, but yes, it takes a while to get up there.

also...are you only looking for web traffic? take in mind that you can advertise in many ways out of the internet. forexample newspapers, fliers etc.
SEO the only pro way to get traffic.
Not only posting on forums including your site link in your signature is all. You have to check the 'page rank' of other sites in which you are putting your link (in this reagard mypagerank.net is a good choice to check page ranks of pages).
Exchanging link with friends or dealers who are the owners of websites with higher page rank. Suppose this very website has a page rank as 7/10, which is quite good. By posting here with your links in your signature may increase your page rank. And people will come to your site through search result.

And obviously the ultimate thing is to develop your content of your site.

Are there any inexpensive ways to get traffic to a website? I have been trying to get people to go to my site but have been unsucessful.

:tired2: :confused4
Inexpensive ways to get traffic to your site, make quality posts in forums with link to your site in the forum sig, exchange links with relevant high PR sites and update your site's content regularly.