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what language is this?


W as in Whisky
or disallow non-english conversations
you know, them might be terrorists wanting to take over amerika :lol:


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It is russian as Bruce says, just check the posters site in their sig and you get a russian site (with the character set support)
Don't you disallow languages outside those you know, if not it'll be impossible to moderate.


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It's a spam bot. You are getting spam to your forum.

Trust me, I've had this before - Many russian threads on the forum, it all turned out to be spam.


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is braziliam terrorists,of the movie "Turistas" !!!!!
the Communists of Brazil want atack the U.S.A

lol lol lol

PS; i live in Brazil


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Gopzap - are you sure? Plenty of posts

jrfla2006 - yeh that was a blast, so funny I nearly did nothing, bad subject matter and subject in general - plank - as in 2 short ones.

The forum seems fixed and the post removed, with limits in (100) might be high depending on the form but good response to a hit :)


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it got moved into the black hole, where someone needs 100 posts to reply to unlocked topic in there. As for the members, all came from the same ip address, so all of their accounts are banned plus the ip they used is also banned now.