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What would you do?


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Ok, so the other day i was looking around for a laptop on eBay. I found a guy that buys, refurbishes then sells laptops. So me being me went and bought the cheapest one that looked reliable enough for me to use.

I ended up with a Compaq Presario 1200 for 50GBP and 25GBP postage.

Now i bet your thinking he sold me a faulty laptop aren't you? Nope, complete the opposite, I'm actually logged on from it now :)

The reason i am posting is when looking around on the laptop i found:
a LOT of porn :S
Virus's (took me over an hour to clean up the damn thing)
Lots of other things too from the previous owner like music/pics/home videos

Apart from the porn i guess this is ok, but what i found next was stupid. I found a folder that the previous owner had made FULL of their passwords for various sites, business contact names and addresses. but the worst thing CREDIT CARD DETAILS including security numbers and names/adresses of the cards.

Who in their right mind would leave this stuff on a computer? Is it not the buyers responsibility to clear the HD before reselling?

WHAT THE HELL DO I DO? i mean, do i report it, if so who to?


Wait, What?
I actually bought a computer at a yard sale for $5 that had credit card and social security number info on it.... I just deleted it all, and moved on. I suppose you could talk to the seller and let him know that its not okay.


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well its an ancient laptop so you can get them pretty cheap, plus it has no battery lol


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I didn't see that post which said it was pretty old. Still stolen laptop ftw.


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You got stitched up on the postage - and you got free porn so that's some of it paid back.

But the seller should have ensured a government wipe on the HDD, as I'll assume to start there was no software licenses included at 50 quid, and he's booted it to test so already copied all the details and emptied any accounts left on it.

Could get some basic details off the Adler DB suppose (send me the serial and I can check), but a quick run past the local police might be an idea with the serial number.

You could get your cash back and be left with the laptop :wink2:


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I think you guys may just be right. The sticker with the serial number is worn, but the plastic around it is fine. Downloaded the WGA tool and now its telling me i have an illegal copy of XP.

And the porn isnt the kind of porn you would keep *cough* woof woof *cough*

Getting in touch with paypal and ebay, probably get my money back.


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FECK :eek3:

Nope police job, done a few forensics in the past, not nice.

Get that seller reported, seriously!


Sup, Recoil here.
Right, so basically this seller has:

Stolen a laptop
Sold stolen goods
Downloaded illegal copies of software/firmware & sold/distributed
Downloaded illegal porn & distributed
Performed major credit card fraud on more than one victim

Um.. yeah. Report that guy to tha police.


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Control Colin!

It's not stolen yet, until we're told it is.

The seller could have your arse for a hamburger with that post.