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  1. GlennBeforeTime

    Selling vBulletin License

    These vBulletin Licenses are in my name, however they are owned by my partner (Sarah) and she has authorisation and permission to sell these licenses.
  2. GlennBeforeTime

    Windows VPS Req.

    I have decided to go with VPSLand.com's special offer on their Starter Windows `03 VPS for $25. Mod please lock this thread =]
  3. GlennBeforeTime

    Windows VPS Req.

    Sorry, I guess I should better explain this, I need 2GB of usable space, some server 03 images have extras that can increase the OS Install size to 3GB or more, I need 2GB Of usable space.
  4. GlennBeforeTime

    Windows VPS Req.

    Typo; 50GB of Transfer Not Ram.
  5. GlennBeforeTime

    Windows VPS Req.

    Hi guys, I'm in need of a Windows VPS that meets the following criteria; • 2GB Or more of space. • 1GB RAM (MIN). • Full Access. • Over 50GB Transfer (More will be required in the future) • Server 2003 NOT 2008. I need all of this for the lowest price possible, I have seen some around the...
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

  7. GlennBeforeTime

    RentaVPS - Reliable OpenVZ VPS - Instant Setup - Upto 50% OFF, From $4.76 Per Month!!

    Having nothing but issues with your billing center. I'd suggest lowering your password requirements threshold and lowering the maxmind risk assessment score.
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    Ive accidently on purposely spiked with those smiley pills

    Haven't made much sense there bro lol.
  9. GlennBeforeTime

    how do u wow?

    Don't let these people dishearten you from checking out the worlds most successful online game. You can purchase disks at your local games shop for around the $20 - 40 mark, comes with 30 days trial. Get in touch with me bro, and I will help you get started if you want. I have a level 80...
  10. GlennBeforeTime

    should I run xp/vista 64bit on a quad with 4GB ram?

    Or better yet, programs that will use more then 2 cores and 2 GB of RAM! Useless decking your PC out with the latest technology when retail games and software are not programmed to be multithredded. :tired2:
  11. GlennBeforeTime

    should I run xp/vista 64bit on a quad with 4GB ram?

    Screw getting a retail OS. Get a server OS and deck it out as a PC OS ;)
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    Someone has a bit too much time on his hands... :D
  13. GlennBeforeTime

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Cheese, Tomato, Bacon and Eggs. Very good stuff. ;)
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    When you walk through the door it was clear to me, Your the one they adore who they came to see. Your a rock star! Everybody loves you. Player, who could really blame you.