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    Hey @Peo ;)

    Hey @Peo ;)
  2. sarmth


    I'm Back! Popping in and out like a whackamole.. ;)
  3. sarmth

    Ultra Fast Google and AWS cPanel Cloud Hosting

    Looking for a new webhost that wont break the bank? We have you covered! // Featured Plan // Professional cPanel Cloud Hosting Your Choice of location (US Central or Sydney Australia) • 200GB Space • Unlimited Bandwidth • Free Domain Name (IF yearly) • Free SSL Certificate (IF yearly) • Free...
  4. sarmth

    Amazon affiliate program

    It depends on how you want to market your website... If you market your website about phones, with a blog about phone tips you can stand out above your competitors. It's called smart SEO Marketing.
  5. sarmth

    offer ways for you to find fun

    I used to play League of Legends, but have moved on to Overwatch, that's when I actually get the time to play.
  6. sarmth

    How To Hunt For The Best Web Hosting Sites?

    Well, the most important aspect to a web service is reliability. Anyone can tell you that. However I run on a Cost vs Benefit factor (I use this with most business decisions)
  7. sarmth

    Can you touch your bellybutton around your waist?

    Can you provide an example picture (not necessarily of yourself but an instructional picture will do)
  8. sarmth

    Oh No!!! OH NO!

    I logged in after goodness knows how long, started posting, and just so happened to see my post count at 666..
  9. sarmth

    need free jewish hosting provider

    It's more about knowing who you're dealing with in terms of ideology.
  10. sarmth

    Looking For Vps - Shared Space for a News Website

    Hi Bravein, What are your requirements?
  11. sarmth

    Free Hosting for Not-For-Profits

    I'm going to have to choose you Deeplist :D Here is your unlimited Master-alpha-beta-gamma-delta-supreme reseller account. It has unlimited everything because we host the servers in the 4th Dimension. lol
  12. sarmth

    need free jewish hosting provider

    Yeah you're not wrong, seems quite excessive. OP, your best bet is to get a dedicated server. I can recommend datasoft.ws (See: https://datasoft.ws/ds_premiumdedicated.php) They're the cheapest I've found, but they certainly aren't Jewish.
  13. sarmth

    My new MacBook Air

    ^_^ I just got my hands on a 2011 MacBook Air i7 4GB Ram 256GB SSD HDD... I'm actually really happy, because this is a computer I can carry around with me at University ^_^ Anyone else get a new computer recently?
  14. sarmth

    What Music Do People Like?

    I quite like a large variety of music, but mostly jPOP ;)
  15. sarmth

    Do you have a smartphone?

    iPhone 6.0 ;) And LOVING it!