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2.3.0 VB is out


See Below
You can upgrade now, adds image verification for people who register to put out spammers, and other features ;)

They "said" they hope this is the last verson of vb2 that comes out :)

And my upgrade to it went perfect
I was thinking of upgrading as well, however I'd have to be a bit careful due to some forum hacks and mods. I suppose I should get one of those 'compare the files' programs. Anyone use anything wonderful that they can recommend?
for nerdnations i used axris merge, nice program...

For my sex forum i just re did the hacks, all 2 of them!!
Ya, I think it should be careful.
Some websites & forums talk about & release new version of vBulletin tip hack, birthday hack, ....
does it mean "with hack function"??
I mean, what's "vBulletin hack" function?
people are talking about it (I saw at other forum), but I don't understand what's that. :confused2
Could someone teach me? :)
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It's a modification to the code that allows vBulletin to do something it normally wouldn't do "out of the box".
i see. thanks.
I think maybe it needs a more proper word. "hack" will make people confused. I were. how do you think? :)
Originally posted by NONO
how do you think? :)
Most people use their brain. I can't speak for you personally though.

I generally use the term mod(ification) instead of hack because that's what the phpBB devs like to call 'em.
Originally posted by is0lized
Use the 30 day trial chicken..
Then what to do after that? :( Unless it can be *ahem* uninstalled and *ahem* retrialed? I'm just not sure one trial will be enough, and coincidently, I might need the next trial when the next version of vB comes out ;) :D

I was hoping to pay in the neighborhood of $30, if you know of anything like that. Will trial it for now though.
That I do... :D

2.3.0 is basically the same as 2.2.9 correct? I have used the newer version and don't particularly care for it, but I think it was the new new new version (3.something I suppose, didn't pay much attention).
Check the change log, basically added features (Image verification) Cause a ton of people got hit by spam bots