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A free hosting request


New Member
Okay, here's the big idea.

You (The Generous and Magnificent Host):
1. Will provide me enough space and bandwidth where I can create the Water Seven website.
- let's start from 3GB space and 30GB of bandwidth
- when my site started its operation and it need more resources, you will generously increase the available resources
2. Will NOT require me anything in exchange of your generosity.
- because that's the definition of generosity... not expecting from the receiver anything in return.
- because if you asked me to visit/post in your forum, I might be tempted to create an automated script to do it and you may not like it.

Me (Efil):
1. A previous free web hosting provider.
- you can go to my profile here in freewebspace.net and search for my previous posts, we used to offer free web hosting in Water Seven Community.
- am aware of the concerns of a P2H provider; managing spam requests, spam posts, etc...
- am married now and have son... not much free time as before so no plans of offering free web hosting any time soon.

2. A Python and C# developer.
- am currently employed in a large well-known Cloud provider as an automation engineer.
- now as a job, I create python scripts that automatically opens a web browser, browse to the Cloud API, create a virtual machines, etc...
- have significant knowledge about how servers and websites work...
- we have a lot of virtual machines (or VPS as you may know it) in our company labs, but I want to build an open source software project and I don't want to use our labs.

Our Future:
1. You are thinking I am capable of paying for cheap paid web hosting, but I chose to have a bite on your free offer.
2. When I find time I make some posts in your forum sharing things I discovered and learn in Python, C# and programming.
3. I create automation scripts that browse your forum everyday, maybe to check for spam posts, segregate or delete them, etc., because that's what I love to do now... automation.
4. I create Water Seven website, which also includes a forum. Automation scripts are tested against Water Seven website/forum, and when they are tested to be okay, we run automation in your website/forum (only if you like the idea).

Thank you for reading and I hope you like the idea.
Please make an offer and I will try to read your idea too.

Efil Leiv
The Generous and Magnificent Host?? :D :D :D

What exactly does the community consist of and what location are you looking for?
The new Water Seven Community will be consists mainly of bots and spiders (but really, they are real browsers, firefox and chrome automatically browsing the forums, registering new members, staffs, and banning other bots). Of course, there will be few old members of Water Seven Community staff who will occasionally visit thinking I'm still offering free web hosting services but they will be nicely greeted by another bot who will redirect to You, in case what they want is hosting.

Here's the details,
I have a software that I want to release us an open source. It's a derive work of this:
and this:
The final outcome is a Python with GUI version of this:
The code itself will be hosted in BitBucket repository, so those who would want to clone the automation code can just clone it from there. But since I need to offer documentation and tutorials for the project I will need a website. And when people try out my code they will create bots that will browse and do automation stuff in the forum.

There's really no preference about the location.
The bots and spiders will be run inside the local machine of the automation engineer or tester, so the CPU consumption will be on the local machine not on the website server.
Normally, this is the process of testing a website.
1. The automation engineer or tester writes a code to test his/her own website.
2. She/he points the bot created by the code to visit his/her own site to test the functionality of the website he/she built.

However, since I will be offering documentations and tutorials, I need a website for the example bots to test.
This will show case how the code works to automatically run a browser and navigate to a website.
This website will be Water Seven Community forums.
The more people try to download my code and run the examples, the more there will be access to the forums, thus will consume bandwidth of the forum.

I love to host you on a new brand hosting panel. VestaCP (I love the OpenSource term).
If you don't mind to be hosted on a simple and open source hosting panel.

Else, I can offer you free cPanel hosting (which is boring IMHO).