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A question for gcities.com


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When you replied to my previous message concerning sphosting I saw you URL and decided to check it out. It looked great so I read the TOS. Only sites in English allowed!! Why? I've been looking so long for an ad-free host for my friendly little Swedish site...:) It's only 5MB, only jpgs, gifs and html-files and I don't know where to put it...Won't you be a gentleman and aid a lady in need...:)

[Edited by Mellow on 11-11-2000 at 06:29 AM]
It mainly has to do with their advertisers. If the advertiser is for instance a US online bookstore, and their banners show up on a french website, the clicktrough is gonna be low or non-existant.
Another reason is because they cant understand what the user is saying on the website. For all they know it could be something todo with killing the us president (when they get one hehehe).
If they really wanted to know what was being said, there are plenty of online translators around that will be able to at least give you the gist of the page. It is more likely that it would be the advertising considerations -- would they be able to get around that if the site gave you a choice of languages? one of which would be English.
But if you sign up with an Englishspeaking host you must understand English, right? So you will understand the text on the ads. And there are no ads on the homepages hosted at gcities, so it doesn't matter what language the visitors speak anyway...Oh well, never mind. I'll just keep looking. Actually, gcities is the first FWP that I have come across that has this languagerule. I'm sure there are others, but it can't be all that common.

YOu could put your swedish site up but have an option for it to be translated into english. Maybe if you contacted the gcites webmaster and asked if this would be allowable you could put your site there. translator.go.com offers page translation services, though i dont know if swedish is one of their languages.
Hi mellow,

Yes if you have your site in english and swedish we would allow it.

Thank you
I will host your site with no banners and ill let it be in..


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email= azaroth@spherescripts.com

I think members would rather a search box as they could move it around etc.. and it doesnt take as much room as an banner.
And, of course, as you so conveniently fail to mention, you still make money when a site's visitor uses that search box! How is that ad-free hosting?
LOL! chicken your funny i really mean it hehe you make me laugh :) well people mostly see ads as banners so it is ad-free ;)
You are requiring members to put *something* on their site in exchange for the account. How is that ad-free? You're using the fact that it's technically not a 'banner' in a lame attempt to trick members into thinking they're getting something they're not. That's pathetic! What are you afraid of?
I'm not sure you should promote that as ad free, not that I even know if you are, even though technically it is ad free. Technically might p-off some people though. Again, I don't know how you are promoting this, so this might not even apply.