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AcmeCity and AOL Hometown Collaboration

Discussion in 'Free web hosting requests' started by QReyes, Jun 5, 2001.

  1. QReyes

    QReyes New Member

    I would like to ask you people who have been using AcmeCity, will AOL Hometown still hosts the graphics they host at AcmeCity? Will they havethe same CGIemail capability? Are there any added or features that has been removed after AcmeCity transfered to AOL HomeTown? What is the relationship of AcmeCity and FortuneCity now? Who owns AcmeCity? What will become of AcmeCity? How about AcmeCity mail?
  2. smokymtnman

    smokymtnman New Member

    Any idea on how to recover files lost on AcmeCity

    I have a large genealogy site and lost about 5MB of files on the AcmeCity site. Although I am an AOL member I don't want anymore of my files residing on their servers.
    Has anyone been able to find what Warner Bros. did with the AcmeCity server files???
    Joe Payne
  3. zz4

    zz4 New Member

    === time-warner ==

    Time-Warner gave a short notification that AcmeCity was to be no more. You see ....Time-Warner now AOL.

    Everybody on Acme City could transfer their site to AOL.They gave ftp directions and all.What they did not tell you was the ftp was blocked for non-aol members. ooo--the move instructions said IF YOU ARE ONLY AN AOL MESSENGER MEMBER YOU CAN STILL USE THE FTP. A LIE.

    I emailed HELP abour 2000 times in a month with various aol addresses and time-warner but not one reply. It was sort of a fu. Why does Time-Warner care about you AcmeCity users?

    I know Time-Warner owned some of FortuneCity stock.FortuneCity? They are dead-gone.They were loosing 1.2 million a month late 2000 and 1st quarter 2001 worse.FortuneCity was one of the premium internet freebie sites pushing that old internet freebie spirit.100mb websites..as many as you want. Like all these places they seem to think they need to buy out the internet.Are their losses now over the free or ad problems or the billions they spent buying things? As of now there seems not to be a person left at Fortune City to even correct their website.

    EXCITING NEW?? Now FortuneCity is pay pay pay---but they can't even take the free stuff off their website !!!! They withdrew all HELP for free sites and took away the file manager.At least at my sites they also took away 95% of my site content.GONE !!!! Any help? -- no help for free sites.

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