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ad free email!


New Member
Anyone know where a good ad free web based email address is at?

no ads on the bottom of the message, with a good name

http://www.unbounded.com/ is spose to be free, but i cnat sign up!

oh well, other are out there

i looked at emailadress.net or something like that, no luck
i found an ad free service, mail.taz.tc

only one line at the bottom look sliek this

< --- MESSAGE --- >

Message tesxt, blah blah blah


< --- Message -- >
If you have your own domain, start an email service with everyone.net and remove the ad signature yourself. They give the users 100% of email sigs, so you can remove your sig if you want. I removed my sig, so you can use mines if you want. http://mail.illumia-rpg.com
yeh, i will have a domain soon, i just want and email i can use as a good one AND my domain email

Are you looking for a service to offer email to your visitors (@yourdomain.com), or just a single personal accout?

If you are looking for email services so that you can offer free email to your visitors, it will have ads.
no, a personal one

ads as in a message liek


and that kind of stuff

mail.taz.tc is good

and when i offer email fro mt site i wwont have a message at the bottom of emails :)
I recently signed up with myrealbox.com, they have 5MB of space, no ads, and offer both pop3 and web mail access. They look pretty good to me :)
Unbounded.com (mentioned in the first post of this thread) is no longer accepting new users. In fact, I believe they're trying to get their current users to "move along" as well. In other words, the service is dying.

I'm in the midst of developing FreeMailGuide.net which will allow you to search for different features at free e-mail services (as well as search for an e-mail domain you like). None without ads come to mind at the moment, but I'm still working on the database. I haven't noted any free e-mail services without ads yet. If I do, I'll put that info on the site. I see no reason to add it to my search script though, because they're so few and far between. I'll just list them seperately, if there are any. (Site will be put online sometime between mid-January and mid-February.)