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American Primaries (IA done, NH next)


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So, the American primaries are going on now; Just figured I'd see what everyone thinks about them. In case you haven't kept up, the Iowa caucuses are done with and the New Hampshire primaries are coming up January 8th.

For Democrats, Obama got 37.58% of the vote (16 delegates), next was Edwards with 29.75% (14 delegates), and then Clinton with 29.47% (15 delegates).

For Republicans, Huckabee came in first with 34.41% of the votes, followed by Romney with 25.23%, Thompson at 13.40%, McCain at 13.11%, Paul at 9.96%, and Guiliani at 3.45%.

Personally, I'm hoping Obama grabs the democrat's place on the ballot and winning in Iowa at least means he has a chance; He didn't really win much more than anyone else in terms of delegates, but both the media coverage and the fact that it shows the Clinton "machine" is stoppable should give him some momentum in the next few primaries.

As for republicans, I'm not too sure what to make of it all. I figured Huckabee would win Iowa (He's got Chuck Norris on his side after all) with Romney in second, but I didn't think Guiliani would do as poorly as he did. Granted, he did next to nothing in terms of campaigning there since he's got a different strategy (picking up bigger states later on); I guess only time will tell if his strategy will pan out for him. I thought it was funny that McCain had more votes than Paul seeing as how McCain didn't even campaign in Iowa.

Joe Biden and Chris Dodd both droppped out of their presidential bids (I like Biden, but he had no chance :cry2:)

So, what was everyone else think about the results of the Iowa Caucus? How about the upcoming primaries? Who are you hoping comes out on top? Is Hilary going to go downhill? Is Huckabee going to continue to surge?

One last thing: looks like Romney will be winning the Wyoming GOP caucus with 91% of the precincts reporting in thus far with 8 out of 12 delegates.
I don't like any of the candidates except one, really. I just don't want Hillary, Edwards, or Guiliani to be the Presidential candidates. Any other ones I am okay with.

I think I could live with Huckabee, but not Romeny. From the democrats side I really only support Obama.

Here's how I will vote:

If the two candidates are...

Huckabee & Obama = Huckabee
Huckabee & Clinton = Huckabee
Huckabee & Edwards = Huckabee
Romney & Obama = Obama
Romney & Clinton = Romney
Romney & Edwards = Romney
Thompson & Obama = Thompson
Thompson & Hillary = Thompson
Thompson & Edwards = Thompson
Guiliani & * = *
Ron Paul & * = Ron Paul
McCain & * = McCain
I was very surprised to see the outcome of the Iowa primaries... It was very nice. I was really expecting it to be Hillary, then Obama, then Edwards, but maybe New Hampshire will clear up the fog.

There is a chance however, that I might not vote this year. I'm a very political person, but I just don't see anyone I really like except Gravel, but sometimes you have to be realistic about who's going to make it.
Obama seems like the only decent guy out there, but I haven't been doing too much research.
The republican New Hampshire debates are going on right now...only live stream I can find of it is at http://www.wmur.com/video/14986153/index.html
The format of the debate is pretty interesting...not even close to as strict or formal as most others it seems.

The democratic debates start up in an hour I think.
Obama is, and always has been my #1, if he wins New Hampshire, I think he has a great chance of going all the way.

I absolutely hate Huckabee, he's a religious nut.
Most of the precincts in New Hampshire are reporting now (83% of them anyhow) and it looks like Clinton is gonna win for the democrats. Obama is right behind her (2% away) and may even get the same number of delegates. (yay) Edwards is at 17%.

McCain took a huge lead in New Hampshire early and held it with Romney in second (5% away from McCain) then Huckabee, then Guiliani, then Paul. Fred Thompson did pretty terribly.

Seems like Edwards is only going to go downhill from here, and I kinda hope he'll pull out in the next month and endorse Obama, but he claims he's in it until the convention. I think both Obama and Clinton are in for a pretty rough dogfight with each other for their party's nomination.

Also, I learned tonight that McCain is horrible and giving speeches.
McCain's speeches do tend to reveal that he is in fact a bit of a dinosaur, but if I were American he'd still have my vote.
Im honestly at a toss up between Clinton and Obama. I like both canidates for various reasons so ill be watching things a bit more closely now that its coming down to crunch time.
In my opinion, Obama is a very smart and defined man. He definitely has my vote as he is actually someone that levels with us.
Its going to be Obama for me I believe.

I really like Romney but I guess you can't be on both sides of the fence.
Personally, I think the fences are so close together they're touching in most places. But especially where they are touching, they are painted violently different colors, because they're so different from each other!!!1one even though they're really extremely close together.
I hate the two-party system.