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Angelcities.com Now Has Ads

What???? Scott and Lenny ought to kick your ass for saying that!!!!

Are you sure you're not Gary Nimrod using a different name?

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Crosswinds had good intentions but they went about it all wrong. Unlimited space and bandwidth, that just attracts warez and porn sites.
Re: Re: Hey sphosting

Originally posted by cyberryan
Originally posted by Webdude
Online uploaders generally help to kill your bandwidth as well. Most of the time ftp traffic does not go on your bandwidth bill (such is the case with crosswinds) but browser uploaders are just that, browser http in which all uploads are via http and count towards your bill.

Really? Then why do you use browser uploading instead of FTP in your Worldzone?

Crosswind's step down from ad-free has proven it cant be done for the long term.....and ftp was/is the ONLY thing they offered...no cgi, no domain hosting, etc.

So, Angelfire, Geocities, Xoom, Tripod, and Fortunecity are rich up to their ears and they don't offer "custom cgi" or domain hosting. By the way, who cares if a host has pre-installed cgi scripts or not? Why do you think free counter, guestbook, and form e-mail services were invented? Also, according to Crosswinds, offering members the possibility to upload their own server side scripts poses a security hazard, which is why the rich FWP's don't do so either, but as we all know, Worldzone is "100%" hackproof, right, Webdude?

The ONLY reason those guys are rich is because they all went public. It doesnt mean they are profitable. Unfortunatly it's the shareholders who lose out. Geo is rich because Yahoo bought them.

Worldzone has browser upload because when I started Worldzone I was a newbie and didnt know any better. Now it's too late to change it. Same with those big guys. They cant go back and change much without screwing up tons of accounts.

I have also never said Worldzone was hackproof....though I may have thought so when I was a newbie, but I have learned the hard way several times. It has good security, but STILL isnt hackproof and I doubt it ever will be.
That's ok. I'm sure we can chase the little prick away again. :p
IF and when they remove the banners how long before they begin begging and placing banners again?.

How old are you numpty nimrod?.
That's the interesting thing. He's not loyal to Crosswinds. He's only loyal to himself. Nimrod is one of the leeches of the Internet that thinks that everything should be free. He doesn't have a clue about profit and loss or expenses and couldn't care less. He just wants what's in it for him and the hell with everyone else.

I already posted his initial reaction in the Crosswinds forums here when they first put the popups. It was one of the most selfish and childish displays I've ever seen. He'll go away soon enough since he has NEVER been able to come up with an intelligent point here to back any of his arguments and even he has to get tired of looking like an idiot here. It's getting rather tiring actually helping him put his foot in his mouth (but I'll keep doing it all the same just for fun ;))
me? lol!
Originally posted by Sphosting.com
Actually we not even planning to put ads on members homepages, we ACTUALLY earn more income by not placing them on. Its not the number of impressions that makes you money but the CTR and quality impressions from a well rounded mix of ip addresses.

The problem is with cw is that they offered to much to members, since we don't offer ftp access where not open to much abuse so our costs are way less. We also have special agreenments with our server provider for cheap bandwdith which sees further costs savings.

Also Ron & Chicken calm down, the way your typing seems to me that your going to have a heart attack : ).

The major failer in ad free homepages is the addition of ftp access, we removed it and so far with 12,000 members its been a success.

Where've been doing ad free hosting for nearly 2 years, We started our on srld.com but migrated all of our users over to sphosting.com in about May this year so ron thats who we are.

In addition we signed up a major advertiser who we will be marketing with and provide our members with extra free services.

Stuart Dyer

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Yeah. And to think I started it to tell people that Angelcites are putting ads on members sites.
My complaint is we cant choose where to put the ads on the pages...
I think places say add the pop up ad code and we wont automaticly put the ad on your page. I think we should be able to put the ad code on our self WHERE we want it, if we dont put it it gets automaticly put on. Ihats my 2 cents...
I mean look at my site http://www.the-runes.com
I dont want an ad at the top. I would host an add at the top of my content.