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Armed Civilians? Just Air Marshals perhaps...

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Giancarlo, Oct 1, 2001.

  1. Giancarlo

    Giancarlo NLC NLC


    As said one marshal on each plane would require a force of over 50,000... and one marshal might not be enough. But the article did not state that this stance is getting quite paranoid, I think air marshals are enough, and maybe we should do it the Israeli way with M-16 equipped Soliders.

    But armed citizens.... maybe not. Imagine if one person goes out of control and starts shooting... there is my reason.

    This is increasing security, but I still stand by the statement "The best defense is a good offense". A good defense is necessary, but a better offense is imperative.
  2. LeX

    LeX ლ(╹◡╹ლ) NLC

    Ban all weapons! That will do the trick.

    I suggest we all use prehistorical ways of fighting, like using our fists and feet. :p
  3. niv

    niv striking reality NLC

    And we should have much better ground security...there are lots of holes in it.
  4. LeX

    LeX ლ(╹◡╹ლ) NLC

    Just a reminder: there are millions of armed civilians in the US.
  5. niv

    niv striking reality NLC

    Well, the passengers would have kicked those bastards asses if they had knew where they headed for...people have been told to go along with the hijackers in the past...
  6. LeX

    LeX ლ(╹◡╹ლ) NLC

    That's because the hijackers in the past only wanted stuff like money, they weren't about to commit suicide, so it was a better option back then to play along with the hijackers, since you know you have a better chance of living than if you tried to kick their butt.
  7. niv

    niv striking reality NLC

    Well...there should be Air Marshals...that know how to fly jet-liners...and they should make the door to the cockpit harder to kick down.
  8. LeX

    LeX ლ(╹◡╹ლ) NLC

    I agree with that. They should make it bulletproof and fire proof and shit like that.
  9. LastActionHero

    LastActionHero WBBMods.com NLC

    Air-Marshals already operate on major flights in India. They are trained crack commandos drawn from the National Security Guard trained to handle terrorist and hijack situations.

    The main thing is fear, once the public begins to fear not even the commandos can save them. The public in India has learnt to out-live the fear.
  10. Giancarlo

    Giancarlo NLC NLC

    I would like to see Soliders... that know how to fly Jumbo jets. What we also need is an undercover FBI agent on board if the Marshals on board are overpowered, he then sends a signal by some electronical device from the aircraft to the Airforce so they plane could be shot down. Unfornately, if something like this happens again that will be the only way to prevent it, by shooting down the plane, but I deeply hope there aren't any misunderstandings and an accident occurs.
  11. Owen

    Owen New Member

    Or a cheaper and less corrutable alternative to undercover FBI is instituting no fly zone's around major places, like we already have over the White House, and have double steel doors to the cockpit. Also, if possible, make it impossible to turn off the signal that gives altitude, so no one can hide their exact position again.

    Air Marshals are a necessity though.
  12. Giancarlo

    Giancarlo NLC NLC

    How about a operations center that goes to the airforce which has video on each flight along with air marshals. Like hidden camaras on each aircraft being sent to an operation center and these are transmitted to the center directly. Unfornately that would take up a lot of man-power. But a good defense is a good defense and offense.
  13. Owen

    Owen New Member

    If the US could get the funds and personel to create such an operation, I would be for it. However, the problem with security is we have to find an effective and cheap solution. Not necessarily the cheapest, but one that does not exhaust a bunch of resources.
  14. Giancarlo

    Giancarlo NLC NLC

    I am for developing a complete seperate chain in the Army, which is called the Airport Security Corp or something like that. And it communicates well with the FBI, CIA, and Pentagon itself. Well, that seems expensive actually. Heck, I never really thought about this before... I was unaware like the entire country until September 11th.

    No fly-zones seems like a good idea too.
  15. Gayowulf

    Gayowulf G-d NLC

    I am against weapons on planes. Heres a funny story that has nothing to do with what i just said: In Toronto's Pearson airport a security guard got arrested for detaining a suspicious looking plainclothes officer.

  16. sp0radic

    sp0radic New Member

    Thank god I don't live in the US.
  17. Webdude

    Webdude Newbie NLC

    Look, the people on those flights did what they were told because the arabics told them they had a bomb. Had they known the truth, like the ones on the penn plane found out, those planes would not have hit buildings. Air Marshals are not needed, it's paranoia. Why? Consider this. If you get on a plane and some arabians try to take it over, and even if they have boxcutters, are you really going to believe them when they say they have a bomb? If they dont have guns, you can bet your life they damned sure dont have a friggin bomb. Especially if they only have boxcutters for weapons..

    Anyone who tried to hijack a plane right now would be nothing more than outright stupid. It would fail miserably.

    And yes there are millions of armed Americans, we Texans probably account for half of those. Bush was Governer of Texas. Texas has things like the death penalty. We are allowed to carry an unconceiled gun without a permit, and a conceiled one with a permit. Someone can rob our house and we can shoot them in the back while they are running down the street with our stuff in their posession, we dont have to drag them into the house. Many repo men have died here, and no charges filed on the shooters. This is not Arkansas, and the U.S. no longer has a wimpy Playboy President.

    You can also bet that the armed buildup around Afghanistan isnt for attacking Afghanistan......it's to defend against those Arab countries that will turn against us while our elite search that country.

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