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Australia idea of being poor


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---- Atlanta for having the only light rail mass transit system (subway) in the US without state funding. I wish I didn't need a car and could just ride the marta everywhere.
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It gets better.
I'd be lost without the train system. Much much cheaper than a bus, you can even get a taxi for the dame distance cheaper. Faster and generally not packed. I either use the train or walk if it's not going to take me too long.


We're going to get a Regional Transit Authority for our State. it's supposed to connect Chicago with Milwaukee, then connect to Madison then the twin cities.

Sadly, even though it would take in money over time, all the Republicans are against the RTA. I wonder why... oh, I know! Because Republicans don't want people to NOT use cars... that way people will get into more accidents, pollute more, or spend a lot of money on buses that don't even have a bus depot here anymore in Madison, WI.

Repubs say Jim Doyle spends too much money; sadly though, Jim Doyle wanted to get federal funding for the RTA, but couldn't so obviously he has to use state funding, hence he has to spend more.
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We have Aldi here, too.

My dad and I live on around $25k a year, but neither of us feel 'poor' even though that's close to the GA poverty line for two people living together. We've got 5,000 tv channels, DSL, tons of food to eat (Thanks, Wal-Mart). My only complaint is my car's falling apart and I can't afford a new one. I have an interview next week for a job that pays $30-something-k, so that will hopefully change soon and I'll be able to get back out on my own again. He's about to graduate with a bachelor's in psychology, going to grad school in the spring for biological statistics, so his situation will change for a much, much better one soon.
Interesting to read stories like this. People have it pretty rough. I'm glad that happiness is all about who you're with and not what you have for you.


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-- $8.80 (Goes Up Soon) Book Of Stamps Every Year Or So (Forever Stamps)
Jeez, i get those for 15 dollars a book of 20 stamps.

Well, I think i can say im a free loader for now. But when I go for computer tech.
I can't be a free loader no more. :p