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AVOID ServerBing


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I have been with ServerBing for under a month now about a week or two, I just want to say to avoid them what ever the costs.

My website yesterday was down for about 5-6 hours yesterday so I asked for a refund. They said yes they'll refund me in the ticket, two days later I asked when it would be sent and they "changed their minds" and are now refusing to refund me. Also during some hours of the day (Mainly mid-day) you can notice a difference in your site going much more slower than usual.

I had pointed out their terms said I have a 30 day GUARANTEE:
II. Refunds
Hosting Refunds are issued within 30 days of your hosting sign-up. Termination of your account for violation of this TOS is permanent grounds for non-refund. Domain registration fees are not available because we do not register them ourselves; rather, a third-party registers the domains. Instead of a refund for domain registration, we will transfer the domain to you.
They said "no we only provide refunds if theirs an issue we can't fix" - Please someone tell me where it says that on this terms of service??

Their hosting sucks, they are a bunch of kids and don't stick to their guarantee's.

They are also denying the downtime yesterday even though 3 support techs was "working hard" in trying to fix it.


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servering hosting

Sorry to hear about you experience with serverbing, but i cant say anything bad about them, because i havnt such experience with them since been with them at freandweb.

which server did they put u on, as they have lots of server? iam on 68 and havent had issue with it, i guess we had different hosting experiences


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I am dealing with serverbing from last 4 months but no issues till now... The service is great for me happy with the serverbing support and service!


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It is very rare to see customer registering in a forum to just say about the positive experiences. But, the above 2 users(both have just a single post) are an exception I think!

ojay and hostbd, your testimonials will carry more weightage if you provide the domain you are hosting with your hosting provider.


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These 2 (1) are posting catch up cover ups everywhere because the horror stories abound.
I put in 3 tickets for refunds because they have a 100% uptime guarantee.
Didn't care about the small amount just wanted to have uptime someday. Those tickets, and only those tickets, were deleted. Had tickets for apache configured wrong, etc. that were not deleted.
The worst was the constant lies they told me though - could write a book.


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I just did a search and was going to say how many sites had horror stories but this says it all:
Total Domains Trend - SERVERBING.COM


I guessed, ojay and hosthd has posted the message at the same time with the new brand ID's. I assume that if those were posted by the same person. I am not sure, mod should check this as I do not feel them legit at all.


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Well, your statutory rights would say you are entitled to a full refund on any purchase you make within 7 days, however anything after that period i believe is at the companies discretion.


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I suppose you can take another web hosting. I suppose that will be not a problem at all as a lot of web hosting companies are here nowadays.