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Best Avatars

Oh no, how did I miss that? :eek:
He was rude, over-reactant and self centered but he was an OK guy, I think.
If I wasn't too lazy to open The GIMP, I'd say mine...but I think Avenger's is the best from just reading other posts. Zoobie, I've seen that avatar before somewhere I think...perhaps it was a loong time ago when I came here as a guest looking for some hosting...hmm...
No great rush to open Gimp....you have a while to go before you can add an avatar anyway :p
I love forums where you have to post to do things :D My hosting provider does that, vBulletin with the store hack. I can now change my custom title without paying...200+ posts. Is there a list anywhere that has the post count = privledge [gah! SP]?
Hmm I also like the avatar/sig combo of...umm...umm...the one with the duck and the spinning "twilight zone" thing...erm yeah...
Junior Member = 0-29
Member = 30-99
Senior Member = 100-999
NLC= 1000+
Avatars = 150
Custom title = 1500 posts + 6 months

Dusty has the hypnotic duck :)
Correct.....I forgot about that as I am not too much into post counts and status :confused2
Originally posted by Peo
The NLC thing was updated recently so that long time members who don't post that much won't be stuck in NLC.

This means that when you have been a member for 180 days and have posted more than 1001 posts you will have your custom title. If you have posted like crazy and reach 1001 posts but haven't been a member for 180 days you'll get stuck in the NLC until you've been a member that long.
7 pages and no mention of ANY of my avatars?


First off, I had the original great avatar featuring Hitler, Jesus, Ronald Reagan and Bad Religion. Also, my Duck avatar was the best one out of all of those.

And as DANK as my current avatar is, it pales in comparison to the greatest avatar of all time, which was lucifer's GC avatar.
Originally posted by X-Istence
how can i get custom title? I want one, but i guess i am just not senior enough to do it.
You still have quite a ways to go to get your custom title.
1000 posts + 6 months of being a member. :)