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BestOfData.com Worst Services.


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To start of, I paid for a linux server when they came out at BOD. The server was working pretty good with a fantastic network speed, But since I didnt want to continue paying the server + the EXTERNAL cPanel License ($50 extra) I decided to go with a Windows Server that came out a month or so ago.

Everything was working fine until one day the speed decreased like crazy...

The "Support sent all the customers a link with a PDF file as a letter.
From: BESTOFDATA@nvn.fr


As some of our customers know, Dedibox had some network issues since Monday 4th December. Please find the whole explanation about it by clicking this link:


If you have any questions, please free to contact us by ticket or mail at support@bestofdata.com

Thank you for chosing Bestofdata.com.

Best Regards,


Yes the network problem started December 4th.. Today is December 25th And the network is even slower.

They also banned me from their "IRC Live Support Chat" for using capital letters. (I was not even insulting or being rude)

The worst of all is their support.

I was pressing F5 to refresh the ticket support page.. They said:

Support Department (Monday, November 13 2006 1:05am)

Is this a joke you spamming our ticket system?



Im furious because of this. Im just waiting for the end of the month and moving.


If you want the link to my site PM me.. and you will be able to prove this by yourself. :tired2:
A friend of mine gave me a bda report of them (at least i think it was them,) with all hosts, though dedi ones in particular you should check how long they have been in bussiness before buying =)
Dude, I knew this would happen! BestOfData sucks like nothing else can.

Anyway, their servers are hosted at Nerv Networks and handled by support people from DediBox. So any way dedibox is to be blamed. :D
100mbit costs $1k or more - End of.

Lesson learned? If you are looking for a decent quality provider who will actually match up to what they offer, you will actually have to pay for it.
They were asked to change it to "100 Mbps Best Efford Bandwidth" and they didin't. So I'd say it's mostly BOD's fault
I would suggest softlayer if you are moving. great support
Dude, they are well established hosts and along with that comes a big bill. Try Galaxy-Solutions or rhserve.com for that matter.