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Beta hosting available read what you get

drdream said:
so thats why everyone is signing up with a .be domain name.. I was wondering why!

hehe, don't worry, its for limited time only and maybe untill Jan31,2006. But its good for those without finances and also makes easier for you.

Thats the thing I have realised here. People who offer things for free do get slacked and discredited very quickly but if they are doing due to domain, yes then its poor phrasing thats responsible. But if they are doing just because they want to, then be assured your calling them idiot will not make them change attitude, rather it will only create little dishamony.
Anyways, lets move forward, we find people from all over the world with different attitude, culture and thinking, so not much can be done. Your words will surely not change even one of them.


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Antonio said:
200 Gb transfer means half of the server's transfer

not necessarily.
1200Gb bandwidth dedicated Dual Xeon for 300$ approx. can be there ? lol
anyways, he's giving 20Gb bandwidth not 200Gb, or did I miss something ?

yes we have 100 Megabit pipes and 1500 bandwidth per server. and its 20 not 200 (unless you want to pay for it ;)
dcahrakos said:
I havent been able to find a good ASP.NET free host anywhere....thats why I think his offer is awesome

I don't know about his service and I am not a host but should you anytime need asp hosting, you can have that from my personal account for use with separate control panel to manage. Again, i am not host, so thats only when you don't get hosted anywhere else. And i don't need ads or forum posts.

I guess his offer is good though if you are careful in reading it and understanding it. Besides its too early to judge a service with few days of use.

well, I havent even been able to take him up on his offer...I PMed him on the 26th and he hasnt answered me back....(I am looking for ASP.NET hosting, so maybe I can take you up on your offer, PM me)
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Those $50 after 1 year of hosting is monthly or yearly basis?
I supose it will be yearly, if its monthly i think $50 for renew the account after 1 year is too much when you're asking for testers, as they will be making you the favour to test your system you could give them a special price in that case.. $15/$20 month as much.
Please, confirm this.. Thanks
well i would like to sign up... you can pm me on yahoo at antivirus.blogcn on yahoo id rather not discuss things here...
* Specify what of the above technologies you would like to use (be honest we are looking for diversity)

I will not use ASP/PERL. All the others will be put to use.

* Desired username/password and email address
Will Pm you when you clear some of your PM's from the Inbox
* Your desired domain name: