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Buying page visits?


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What are some good websites that I could pay to advertise on. I know google is one of them but aren't they pretty expensive?

Anyway, I am getting a musicians/music website started. And I would like targeted hits on the page for a fair rate.

I know places like linuxiso.org has a deal $20 for 30,000 hits, or $100 400,000 and stuff.

I want to get my page established, get a couple thousand members on the board, have a little store, etc and then just start making profit off of a ppc

Any suggestions, and who would be a good place to advertise with. And how much do you think I would have to spend on advertising alone to get a good community going (aside from self-promotion things)
Well, first of all I'll tell you that I've heard those x$ for y-hits don't work. I'm too lazy to visit the site you mentioned, but usually those things aren't targetted at all...I doubt it's worth the $20.

As for me, I was advertising my music forum on google. I spent 16.00 for 200 clicks. I believe about 12 people signed up from those clicks. But only a couple ever posted anything...

So? I don't know if it will be worth it in the long run. I was hoping to do the same thing as you pretty much. Advertise now, once it becomes popular, then put ads up on the forum, make it back (and hopefully a little more). There are other paid placement search engines and stuff. Not sure how much they cost. It's hard to do...because there is no immediate return on your advertising. Like I was using google Adwords to sell posters for an affiliate program. I could track the click throughs/sales per day, and alter the ad campaign accordingly.
Google adwords is definitely worth it, once you get the hang of it, you will need to focus on fine tuning the ads. Then working on your conversion. By sending the people you targetted right to the page they were looking for. They can always hit back button and look at another site that came up for those results.
Look for Google AdWords that are specific as possible that are related to your site and you should be able to locate phrases that are searched for frequently at a decent price. They have a tool you can use there to determine what the frequency of searches were for the previous month which is also helpful.

Stay away from buying packaged traffic plans as they are in my opinion totally useless.

Best Wishes for a .Net Success!
You may also want to look at buying advertising space on websites related to yours. I do this on a regular basis, and it works out pretty well.