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CAN you write your honest reviews !!! new design BHW..


New Member

we just change new design and we hope that we are here as a Great friends of FWS members ! so we want to see and hear about your great reviews :

This is the simple template created by Us !


Thank you :)!
The whole layout looks good. I like it.
But take off the flashing or changing BHW at the top. It's annoying.
It looks pretty good. Like Dan said, remove the flashing BHW.

One other thing I would like to point out, change the colour of your logo. It clashes with the background.
I have to disagree. The website looks like it was made in MS paint. The images are pixelated, and not flowing well.
hmmm... well most of them look ok to me, and im looking at it on a 37inch, but you got a point with a few.

The live help text for 1, and the small logos at the bottom have possibly been shrunk too much from the originals so are a lil blury / pixilated.
The 80's called, they want theyre gifs back;)

for good rounded corners in photoshop you want to use the rounded rectangle tool, looks like you used the spherical selection to me. If you did use the rounded rectangle tool you need to bump up the dpi.

Scrap the boxes borders, that was the last design trend;)

Try some solid colors in the place, light greys normally work.

The header is too busy, you have your name written 4 times. You need it once, and only once. The gradient on the main text in the header isn't awesome - and again, there's a border on the text (white, 1px). Pick a different font, use lowercase, no border, different gradient:)

Hope some of this helps, you have a good start, it just needs some work:)
Well to be honest...

I couldn't figure out what to look at first, then my eyes just settled on that hideous animated logo...

A little busy for my liking. I believe the site has loads of potential, but it needs to be unlocked and brought out.

I would start by doing up a nice new header... Then scrap that background and do a nice light to dark gradient or something. That would really make the page pop out at you.

Now I have this thing against Dell... I absolutely hate dell with a passion... Replace them lame Dell servers with some real hardware ;)

Next on the list is the footer... Why are the techy logos grayscale and the payment gateways in colour?

Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, but just honest criticism ;)
take out the flashy thingy, change the color of the title and make the headphones and the computer box thingys that are in the top left and right more clear they really look kinda cheap or pixalated i guess...

ur line backround is fine i think.
Ok I'll give you a honest opinion...

The BHW is bloody annoying, looks crap aswell... The whole design is nice, but seems a tad too busy for my liking..

hope that helped, bit short but meh, you don't need a revew which is hours long :lol:
The overall design looks great. But I don't like the banner at the top with the flashy gif, it looks too messy and kinda crap. Also the "Welcome To Besthostworld" box to the left of the site could be better looking, it looks a bit too squarish and it could also maybe use a different font or font size.
The images could be improved by saving them at a better quality, because they do look a bit pixelated and the footer "Home | About Us | Shared Hosting | Virtual Hosting | Dedicated Hosting | Support | Terms Of Services | Privacy Policy" could be aligned to center. Apart from this its nice.
hmmm, not really ;)

anyways, yeah, the animated gif must go. need to prush up some of the images in PS to get rid of pixlation.

If you look at the header and footer you will see the similarity, the footer is algined to the left just like it is on the other site.