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Cloud VPS hosting in European data centres - TuchaCloud

Tucha Cloud

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TuchaCloud VPS provider offers cloud hosting solutions for business. We have been working for the international IT market since 2005.

The Tucha cloud infrastructure is a fully managed virtual software environment (servers, computers, individual services) that is provided for the commercial use. Our cloud VPS and VDS hosting is running on the hardware located in the best European data centers (Telehouse, Frankfurt) to ensure continuity of functioning and integrity of customer information. Our clusters consist of high performance servers, reliable storage systems and high-speed switches.

  • Full Management
  • Cool Admins
  • Fast SSD
  • Ultra Fast Drives
  • Fast Activation
  • Free Migration
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • ISPManager Lite
  • 12+ Core Processor
  • 0.5 GB Memory
  • 7.5 GB Disk
  • 1 IP + 10 Mbit/s
  • Linux CentOS-6.6
  • Unlimited Traffic
Starting from € 14,95 EUR per month

Order Now!

  • 12+ Core Processor
  • 1.5 GB Memory
  • 22.5 GB Disk
  • 1 IP + 20 Mbit/s
  • Linux CentOS-6.6
  • Unlimited Traffic
Starting from € 29,95 EUR per month

Order Now!

  • 12+ Core Processor
  • 2.5 GB Memory
  • 37.5 GB Disk
  • 1 IP + 40 Mbit/s
  • Linux CentOS-6.6
  • Unlimited Traffic
Starting from € 49,95 EUR per month

Order Now!

We offer fully managed cloud VPS services with 24/7 support so our clients can perform any upgrading, configuring or rearranging of their IT infrastructure automatically or manually.

Join us and get the best Cloud VPS hosting ever!


To order hosting:


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Do you still have questions? Or did you find what you were looking for and want to use our cloud services? Contact Us:

Contact Us:
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Remote work will save the world. And business

If you need to organize remote workplaces quickly and at an affordable price, we will help you! Contact us 24x7. We will answer all your questions and provide quick assistance in organizing your team's remote work.

In this article https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/solutions/remote-work-will-save-world-and-business, we will look at the benefits of working remotely, with an emphasis on how remote work in the cloud helps keep your company running even under quarantine and forced isolation. We understand that this topic is extremely acute and causes a lot of disputes and accusations of speculation.

And we will be glad to solve your most interesting cloud problems! Write to the address sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. Tucha is always in touch.
How to protect your data and business using cloud backup hosting

Loss of important and confidential data for any company is often irreparable. It causes a lot of problems, including material, time, and effort losses. And often these consequences are quite dramatic, business can simply collapse.

To avoid such problems, you should take care of data security in advance. One of the most reliable ways to do this is to regularly backup files and documents and store them in a secure place. A good helper will be TuchaBackup, the service for backup-hosting. We will tell you how to save your business from destruction by hosting backups in the cloud https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/services/how-protect-your-data-and-business-using-cloud-backup-hosting.

If you have additional questions or need our help in solving any tasks, write to us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. We are ready to help you 24×7.
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Tools for managing DNS domain zone settings: what to choose

One of the most frequent requests to technical support is a question about tools for configuring a DNS domain zone. And now, we are going to tell you about the types of instruments for managing domain zones settings: https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/support/tools-managing-dns-domain-zone-settings-what-choose.

And if you have any additional questions or need our advice, just call us at +380 44 583-5-583 or write to sales@tucha.ua. We are always happy to help!
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All about Tucha technical support: types, features, cost, and why it is important

Reliable support that you can confidently rely on is an essential factor of efficient work in clouds. Since it may be necessary to interact with a support service occasionally, communication should be explicit, and specialists` help should be qualified and prompt. The team of Tucha daily makes every effort to meet and even exceed clients' expectations, and numerous reviews confirm that we are doing well.

In this article https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/support/vse-pro-tekhnichnu-pidtrymku-tucha, we describe in detail the features of each type of support from Tucha and help you figure out which one is suitable for solving certain tasks.

With Tucha, you are guaranteed to receive expert 24x7 assistance and technical support you can rely on with confidence! Write to us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583
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TuchaBit+: ultra-fast cloud servers

TuchaBit+ — powerful virtual servers based on modern processors with data centers both in Ukraine and abroad, at an affordable price.

The main feature of the service is high speed, which is achieved through the use of modern Intel Xeon Gold 6248R processors with a clock frequency of at least 3.0 GHz. Fast data exchange with the storage is carried out on the basis of a 10-gigabit network.

The new solution meets all the current requirements for computing speed and allows you to work efficiently both with individual applications and with a company`s entire IT infrastructure.

To learn more about the TuchaBit+ service, visit our website at https://tucha.cloud/en/services/tuchabit-plus.

And if you need our help or advice on choosing the right cloud solution, call +380 44 583-5-583 or email sales@tucha.ua. Tucha is available 24×7.
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Migration of sites based on CMS WordPress, Drupal, Joomla to the cloud. Tucha clients experience

We tell you about typical examples of solving popular cloud tasks - about migration of websites to the cloud based on different CMS, in particular WordPress, Drupal and Joomla on several real examples of our clients.

In this article, you'll learn about the process of migrating different types of sites to the cloud:

1. a simple business site based on Joomla CMS;

2. a corporate site based on Drupal;

3. an online store powered by WordPress.

Of course, this article only gives examples of migration to several of the most popular CMS. However, the information will be useful and relevant to the owners of web resources based on any other content management system. https://tucha.cloud/en/solutions/mihratsiia-saitiv-na-cms-wordpress-drupal-joomla-u-khmaru.

If you have any additional questions or if you need our help in solving any tasks please write us at sales@tucha.ua or call us at +380 44 583-5-583. We are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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TuchaMetal service

TuchaMetal service is powerful physical servers in Europe for clients who cannot use virtual machines for one reason or another. The service is useful for working with highly loaded web projects, which have increased requirements for computing resources. For example, this may be the task of:

• hosting high-load online stores or other web projects;

• hosting large-scale online games;

• application development;

• storage of large amounts of data, etc.

More details: https://tucha.cloud/en/services/tuchametal

Among the features of TuchaMetal:

• data storage in certified data centers (mostly in France);

• guaranteed service availability of 99.9%;

• the ability to choose the necessary software and operating system;

• full user control over the machine resources;

• use of the TuchaBackup backup storage is included in the price (in the volume of the rented server disks);

• the best technical 24×7 support.

Contact us and we will help you find the right cloud solution for your task! Email us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. Tucha is always in touch.ays in touch.
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New features for e-shop hosting from Tucha

Online trading is spreading rapidly around the world. More than 70% of customers prefer online shops. To a large extent, the success of e-shops depends on a site loading speed and its stable operation. In our previous articles, we told how clouds help provide high-quality hosting for online shops. Our service TuchaBit is the best solution for hosting web projects, including online shops that operate on a platform Bitrix: Site Management. It provides new opportunities for online shops that work in the cloud from Tucha. In this article https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/business/new-features-e-shop-hosting-tucha, you will find how you can save even more and ensure the reliable operation of your online shop.

If you have additional questions or need our help in solving any tasks, write to us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. We are ready to help you 24×7.
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How to connect to a remote desktop using an RDP client with Windows

Connecting to a remote desktop is one of the most frequent requests when it comes to remote work organization. There are several ways to do this. Now, we give you a clear step-by-step guide on how to connect to a remote desktop using the RDP client, which is installed on all Windows operating systems from version XP and higher: https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/instruc...ho-stolu-za-dopomohoiu-rdp-kliienta-z-windows.

We will be happy to organize remote work with the help of clouds for you or your team and provide reliable round-the-clock support in the future. Contact us for advice and the best cloud solutions! Call us at +380 44 583-5-583 or write to our email address sales@tucha.ua.
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3 reasons why a site should live in the cloud

Today, websites are absolutely necessary. Even if it is an offline business, having a page on the Internet is not a whim but a necessity. And indeed, no matter what type of business we are talking about, the vast majority of customers find out about it from the Internet. It does not matter what it is: an online store, a medical company's website, or a business event landing page.

But if you want to make your site truly attractive for new visitors and new customers, you need to think not only about its content and design. Initially, if the site loads slowly or crashes, users will quickly get tired of it. As a result, they will either search for what they need among competitors or simply close such a site without giving it a second chance. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you need to take care of reliable hosting for the site. The best solution for this task will be the clouds from Tucha. Let's look at the advantages: https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/business/3-reasons-why-site-should-live-cloud

If you have additional questions or need our help in solving any tasks, write to us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. We are ready to help you 24×7.
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How cloud technologies help small and medium-sized businesses save money

A tool is created when a certain process needs to be done in a more convenient, more efficient, more profitable way. The cloud is the tool. With it, business transforms and develops faster.

Clouds provide high performance for adequate money. The business that has chosen clouds for solving tasks pays only for what it uses. Unlike those who still work in an old-fashioned way.

Let us talk about it in detail: https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/busines...-small-and-medium-sized-businesses-save-money

And if you have any additional questions or you need help from our specialists, write to sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583! We are always happy to help and do everything to make your work in the Tucha cloud easy and comfortable.
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Virtual router: what it is and what it is for

A virtual router is a small virtual machine with special software. Its purpose is routing between a virtual private network (VPN) and the Internet. Actually, the virtual router provides the operation of this VPN connection.

We provide this virtual machine to our clients for free and manage it.

We will tell you more about the virtual router in our article: https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/support/virtual-router-what-it-and-what-it

If you have additional questions or need our help in solving any tasks, write to us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. We are ready to help you 24×7.
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CRM systems in the cloud

Times when managers kept their records about customers in notepads, or at best in Excel, are gone. Nowadays, there are many effective tools for interacting with customers, improving the quality of work with them, increasing sales figures, and optimizing marketing. CRM systems are perfect examples of such tools that help manage relations with customers. However, the stable work of these systems requires high-quality hosting. And cloud solutions from Tucha will help you with this: https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/solutions/crm-systems-cloud

We are always ready to help and choose the best solution for your tasks. Write to us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. We are ready to help you 24×7.
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Cloud server: which one to choose? The Tucha services navigator

A remote server is not a new concept, but sometimes choosing it can seem like a difficult task. Virtual and physical servers, flexible constructors, and those that consist of balanced sets of resources, with data centers in Ukraine or abroad... What is the difference, and what should I choose? Here you will find the main information about services from Tucha based on virtual and physical servers that are available for rent. The article will help you to understand better which of the services is suitable for solving a particular task. https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/services/navihator-servisamy-tucha

Hosting programs and data in the cloud is not only convenient, but also it is a reliable solution for the company's work. Among the services of Tucha, each client will find exactly what they need. And our specialists will be happy to help you choose the optimal solution in accordance with the existing tasks and budget. Write to our email address sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. We are always in touch.
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The entire office in the cloud: desktops, 1C, CRM, telephony, website, and other services

Remote work has recently become an indispensable solution for many companies. Even those who have not previously faced with this at all. Usually, before deciding to move to the cloud, people ask typical questions:

Where to start?

For which departments of the company can you organize remote work?

How fast is the transfer to the cloud and what is needed for this?

The details are in our article, from which you will also learn the possibilities of clouds for various departments of the company: accounting, customer support, sales and marketing departments, etc. https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/solutio...-1c-crm-telephony-website-and-other-services/

Contact us +380 44 583-5-583 or email address sales@tucha.ua. We are always in touch!