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Cloudlinux vs. 1H Hive


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I have always used CL on our hosting servers, but am looking at starting another free hosting venture soon and was considering going the 1H route just for the hell of it. :D

I know plenty of people who have used one or the other, but is there anybody here who has used both, and can compare the two?

I have no idea what you are talking about, but if you start a post2host I would love to join your forums and help out a bit.
Well the problem with 1h is updates are slow. They don't upgrade php versions regularly enough.

I am going to be hopefully switching to betterlinux when it comes out of beta but if your running a free host that might be and even better solution.

Right now we are just using the unixy varnish plugin and it is awesome.
Thanks JJW! Cloudlinux it is, I believe. Hadn't heard of betterlinux, but it looks promising. Haven't tried Varnish either, but the price is right. Still need CL though to throttle the abusers. :) You running Varnish with cPanel?

Sander, we'll be in touch!
unixy provides flavors of varnish for cpanel and directAdmin.

BetterLinux is what the big 3 use for throttling. We will hopefully be switching to it soon.

CL Doesn't work for me due to our cloud based setup. We use openvz and there technology doesn't work with it.
CL Doesn't work for me due to our cloud based setup. We use openvz and there technology doesn't work with it.

Right, since it modifies the kernel itself. Have you played around with the betterlinux beta at all?
haven't played with it yet. Hopefully will get it installed on a vps later this week.

I am sure it works pretty good right now as 2 heavy hitters use it to do there throttling.
I plan on putting it on dedicated boxes anyway, so no issue there. Might set up a XEN VPS for some testing though. I'd really like to wait until the cPanel module comes out though, as that's what we'll be using it with. It looks pretty promising though...especiall since it's already being used by the big companies.
Yeah wish there was something besides hive out there for openvz but nobody has done anything so far.
Iv used 1H and found it a bit confusing to get working then even more confusing to config. In the end i give up with it and moved to cloud linux. It didnt really do anything that i wanted to do well. Stick with cloud linux if you can.

Rick H:talk:
Thanks VPS4Less. We use CL on all our servers, but just thought perhaps it might be fun to give something else a try. Going to stick to CL for now.