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cNX Professional Webhosting! Up to 800mb and 20gb of bandwidth!!


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I bet many of you have heard of us before, and here we are again. Below are our current plans. We have a new Donation Package for those that donates!

Plan: HV-1
100Mb Disk Space
2000Mb Bandwidth/Month
5 Ftp Accounts
5 Email Accounts

Plan: HV-2
300Mb Disk Space
8000Mb Bandwidth/Month
10 Ftp Accounts
10 Email Accounts

Plan: HV-3[Domain Only]
500Mb Disk Space
10000Mb Bandwidth
20 Ftp Accounts
20 Email Accounts

Plan: Donation Plan [Donators only]
800Mb Disk Space
20000Mb Bandwidth
Unlimited Ftp Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
You will have to donate more than 3 dollars to get this package.

ALL of the above plans come with:
MySQL Databases
cPanel 9.x
Fantastico Deluxe 2.8
99.9% Uptime
Great Support!

3 Easy steps to get hosting:
-Register as a forum member
-Posts 30 good posts in an already built community
-Register for an account!

For more information please visit:

If you have any questions feel free to check out and post on our forum: http://www.centaurinetx.com/forums, that usually will get you a faster respond. Or you can post your question here.



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ammonia, yes, but it will be way easier than the normal application process..

myextrahelp, unfortunately, no, as of right now, .info domains are still not allowed for HV-3 since there are still sites that gives them for free.


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this site is under cheese's safelist.
i have been using this service for more than 1 month and i never get any downtime.
2 thumbs up and 2 toes up


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i have been using this for more then 3 months and never had problems cheers to the admin who is workign hard for all of us


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i have noticed some users/hoster write in here and said no ads,popups or ect. but after a while they will send emails to all accounts and say: we need u to put a banner, or pay ect.

AND that making me mad! if you'r planning to put banner or pay, PLZ write it in the OFFER ffs


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We've never sent out any email asking our customers to pay.

The email this morning was to simply notify our users that we might be putting ads on websites soon.

And if you actually came to our forums and read, i've said that I will only be putting ads on HV-1 plans to encourage people to post more to get the HV-2 plan.

Even if we put force ads on users site, it is only to ensure our survival in the long run. How many ad-free hosts out there do you see that last for more than 7 months? With the exception of Illusionfxnet. (not meant to bash other hosts out there or anything).

Surely this will cost us some customers right now. But it ensure cNX's survival during the long run. We will regain our customers as time go by. So I believe this is the right path to take.

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i didn't say it was you, i said some users/hosters!! and i don't have an acount at ur place, so i can't get any mail this morning


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btw, if u force ads (especially google ads), then i think i will break the rules.


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lol spirid is right , they dint send any emails for paying money ,thye only said they were thinking of putting adds ,that too only on the hiv1 plan ,so the membrs upgrade thier plans to hiv2 ,i think this is a good move by cnx ,