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Copy/Paste Replies and Offers

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All? No, ALL!
I have recently had a lot of questions on why certain posts are being deleted or why infractions are being given for copy/paste offers, and wanted to clear up any confusion with why the rule is in place as well as raise awareness.

Copy/Paste replies are exactly what they sound like. Taking the same set of features and just pasting the same, or close to the same reply on multiple threads.

There are a number of reasons we do not allow copied/pasted replies;

First and most importantly is quality concern. Anyone can copy and paste the same offer in multiple threads. Those who take the time to carefully reply in accordance to what the original poster is asking for and how they can meet those needs, those are the kind of hosts we would like to have more of at FWS. People take the time to post a request for hosting and take the time to read the replies, they should see the same effort on the other side of the table.

Secondly, the fact that all threads get read by someone. It makes YOU the hoster, look bad if all your posts look exactly the same. Makes you look like a spammer just trying to advertise. While that may not be true, you have to think of it as through the eyes of nonregulars or google, not just the eyes of you who may think its normal around the board.

Finally and most important to you, those kind of replies have a greater chance of not being read. Its so easy to ignore a copy/paste thread because they are usually just a long list of features with no indication on what they do meet. If its everything, give some more information about the host.

A hint I can give you, to not only maximize your replies but can really make you look a lot better is straight from the rules thanks to Jan.
Jan said:
When answering a request, you must include
1. The URL to the plan
2. The price
3. Describe or name the features you offer that match the original request.

For instance, if someone asks, "Which webhosts offer 12 gigs of traffic?" If you offer such a package you may respond only if you describe what you offer in the format described above. Simply saying "we offer what you want, visit our site" is not allowed.

Following this format instead of a copy/paste method will really help.

If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to let any of the mod/admin team know, all of us are here to help and make this a fun place, not just here to ruin fun ;)

Discussion here; http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?p=862537
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