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Court bans racist website!


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I'm not seeing where the racism comes into it... (I know it's in the articles title, but talk about trying to use some sort of shock tactics, racism my arse).


No matter how stupid and misguided Toben's views are, freedom of speech means the right to be stupid
Unfortunately that phrase holds true. Where will it lead now? Will religious sites be forced to remove their views on homosexuality because it "offends" gays? What about gay sites that "offend" religious people? Will Nazi sites be able to go after sites that point evidence to the holocaust and have them taken down now? Where will the new line be drawn now that it has been crossed? What about porn and gambling sites...those offend a lot of people.

If a site on the internet is offending you, dont go to it. Nobody forces you to type their addy in your browser.

The director of the Adelaide Institute has published material on the world wide web which is reasonably likely, in all of the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate and intimidate Jewish Australians or a group of Jewish Australians
I'm sorry, there's not a site on the net that doesnt offend "someone". I guess they should all come down now. If it was a hate site that promoted violence against Jews, that's one thing......but simply because it casts doubt on history and may "offend" Jews? That's pushing it a bit too far.
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It's interesting that human rights laws seem to take away more rights than they give. But still. THe civil liberties guy at the end has a very good point. we'll see if this is ever enforced.


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The only good reason I can think of for shutting down this page is that it might be considered lieblous to say that "the holocaust didn't take place." Still, I'm not really in favor of this ruling. I won't lose any sleep over some moron not being able to have a racist website, but it is pretty disheartening to know that your right to speak can be trampled on that easily.

But as long as they're shutting down wacko conspiracy nutjob websites, can they shut down all those "fake moon landings" and "Bush caused 9-11" places? hehe


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They should have a law with sites that pop-up unclosable pop-ups, causes damage to my computer.



Racism shouldn't exist, but unfortunately it does. If people choose to be ignorant, then I don't think it is the government's job to regulate that.