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cP Creator - **FREE** Free Host Manager

I say the script is definitely worth more than just a 100 bucks from you James, or anyone else at that.

If you look through the source, you can see how much code there actually is and you'll probably be able to estimate how much time he's actually put into this.

As a matter of fact, I'm rather surprised that no one has bought over this yet. Jonny, have you tried selling at DP? There're a lot of gurus there.
There is loads and loads of code. There's been many offers, if someone was offering to build up a community like fnxws was planning and then getting the members, that's the best I would like really.

@James: What sort of stats would you like? I can roll off some basic awstats from a month or two ago. Zoomcities doesn't have it installed on this one. Anything else?
Jonny`, how much are you looking to get for it. i am really interested in continuing the project under iBright Development and linking it as an iBright CMS Plugin. I would keep you on are the original coder and give you credit where deserved obviously. i think it would be great to link that project with mine since we both have helped each other with things many times. let me know a price you are looking for. oh, and if i do get it from you, it would continue to be free if i make it a plugin or standalone app. im on MSN, please get me on there so we can talk about it.
Hi, I'm just interested in the sort of traffic that shows your daily/month visits and where it sources from. (google search? forums like FWS?) Cheers.
Get a lot of traffic from my sig here around places. Google is also a big one. That's mainly from people searching like "cpcreator".
Daily uniques is around 100 that's from my head.
cP Creator has been sold
As the title explains, cP Creator has been sold. You will be seeing some drastic changes soon to the site and forums. I hope it carries into a very nice project.

Thanks everyone for supporting cP Creator when I was running the project.
It will be under the same CC license.

The person who I sold it to worked on SuSE linux before it was sold to Novell, he's part of an open source group.
Well I'm in talks now, he's working on the website, forums. He's also looking for developers on the project. Maybe paid or some open source people.

I don't really have a time stamp on the changes.
It's fine. There is some capable people on the new team and they've already added multiple payment gateways. I'm also on the dev team and the system they're using is nothing I would of thought of really. It's pretty well done, and 2.8 is well on it's way.

Recreating an account is not possible. How come?
I deleted a test account in ACP and wanted to recreate it again via the order form. But it doesn't give the option to register.
It's something to do with the IP's, it checks the IP and if it exists it'll only show existing. When you delete a user account it should delete any packages underneath it, obviously that hasn't happened. Go in the DB cp_packages and see if the one with the username still exists and it has the IP. Or check the users table and see if it actually has deleted it.
thanks Jonny' Sorted.
Just one more question mate and I promise I will leave you alone.
When I sign up for a package and enter the details, it comes back as "That username is incorrect"
I have setup the system for Post 2 Host and using MyBB.
Don't need to leave me alone lol.
Has the username got any spaces or special chars? What version of myBB?
Using the latest release of MyBB 1.4.2 I think.
Nope, no spaces etc. Username is danno

I will PM you the URL as I don't want it in the public yet. :)
Cheers I'll take a look when it's sent.
Make sure the right forum version is selected when creating the forum.
just an update on my end, iBright is supposed to hit Beta for v1 this week, so, once that goes out and i get all the bugs worked out that i can, i will start on getting cpc integrated with it.