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cPanel For Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Are Looking For Beta Testers

who is your target audience though that is the main question when choosing a panel Is if forum users or local clients/businesses?
most clients have no idea what plesk, cpanel, dotnetpanel, helm, blah blah is. All they want is their website up 100% of the time without a hitch. Currently we are using Hsphere and the argument of "I NEEEEEEED cpanel" is squashed upon first login. However if you plan to only sell to freewebspace people then grab the first overselling reseller account you can find and it better have cpanel and you better charge under $3/mo and accept egold and moneybookers.

If you had a choice to be with a host that had 99.9% uptime and had a panel you were not requesting, but does the same thing, or would you rather be with a host that has 98% uptime but has cpanel?

Windows also has ASP.net, exchange, MSSQL database support. Linux does not. Linux can have BASIC asp.net support but it is not pretty.

helpdesk is not about cost it just happens to be included in the package I am getting. free helpdesks do not offer near the functionality that I or most anyone would need. smarterticket and kayako do.

also your argument about whmcs being $10/mo is fine. that brings your total down to $35/mo...still $5 more than windows

point is that cost has nothing to do with windows setups. It has to do with people thinking centos and cpanel is the only way to do hosting because that is what eveyone here says to do. I've used in a production environment Plesk (windows), Cpanel, HSphere, and soon to be dotnetpanel. Plesk and dotne:beer:t seem to be the best of the best and don't randomly break.

ASP.NET ( and the complimentary MSSQL ) is ALL IIS has to offer, its not enough to say that windows has anything on linux because of one service is can do that linux can't do properly ( yet ), not enough by far ... what about the fact that windows is a targeted platform for attack, what about the fact there are very few good quality opensource or otherwise ASP.NET projects that people might actually want to use, what about the fact that unix is a better operating system ... Windows is highly suitable for very few sites, and Unix is highly suitable for the vast majority
windows is more than just asp.net and mssql.
it has also support for exchange services and cold fusion. As far as the linux ASP projects they just don't work as advertised, it is at best a crutch.

As far as linux being more scalable that is also a fallacy. The database systems for linux are far less than MSSQL. Of course when those things come into play that is bigger than any of us will get here. That is why you see the big organizations running windows and not linux based.

but to each his own, i didn't mean to get into a linux vs. windows war. there is never a winner

this morning at 8:13am i got an email of them saying...

Thank you for signing up for the cPanel Server Suite Beta Program!

An overwhelming number of companies have asked to be included in the
beta test of cPanel Server Suite. We will send invitations to join the
beta test to those companies who signed up and gave us enough
information to verify their corporate credentials. Beta testers will be
added in groups throughout the program. There will be regular releases
of the software throughout the beta test which will add more features,
speed up the execution of the code and fix any problems found. The beta
testers will have a chance to try cPanel Server Suite at no cost, get
technical support and, most importantly influence the content of the

Thanks again and we look forward to working with our beta testers over
the coming months. :)
my isp


When i get it im gonna ring my isp (Virgin Media UK) and see if i can do it from my own webserver instead of buy a dedicated server :angel: or might just do it without asking :lol: but at the end of the day im only testing it out im not gonna host lots of resellers,webhosting.