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DataBlocks or Yahoo

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lol, never notice that before. First he runs an isp on his cable, now this...I won't trust this guy to host my sites.
I heard that datablocks' sign up sheet is co branded by freemerchant.com. thats kind of a little pathetic. heh.

wow i like the colors, just like everyone elses site :D

but it suuure looks like yahoo lol
This guy doesnt have an orignal idea in his head - first he copys yahoo then he odes a virtual carbon copy of bootbox.net
haha cable modem? freesites.com?

what is your problem micheal? all I see u doin is picking om my service!

I think we established in the previos post intitled "Datablocks on a cable modem??" that Datablocks is NOT on a cable modem but Co-Located at my CABLE COMPANY!

Freesites.com is my friends site and i work for him, and if you were to actualy look into that offer that I was listing for him breifly, you would see that its a Free SHOPPING CART not webspace.. the shopping cart is for the Datablocks users..

I've known about the Yahoo design for awhile, and it didn't really bother me. But the blatant Bootbox ripoff? To think, I defended Datablocks at times.

Even if the hosting was decent, it's not worth being associated with a service that does something like that.

And the nice thing now is, my post won't be deleted.
John, Id hire a new designer then.

And keep the story straight. You either own datablocks or you dont. Your digging your selve a very big grave, hope you can fit a king size bed in there cos your gonna be lying in it a long long long time.
I own Datablocks

as for the webpage, I hired a guy to do a page for me.. It looked awesome to me..

Until I can get a new designer, it will have to stay that way because I no longer have the old site..

So you lied when you said you sold the company to someone else? and you ran it for him .... tut tut ..... Well that should be enough to put anyone off using your service since you LIE.

I don't have a problem. You offer one of the best fwp's out there today. I think what oyu offer is great im just ponting out little things. I know I prolly couldn't run a fwp but I havent tried so I guess I dunno if I can or not.

The site was sold at the time I said that, but then I got screwed out of my money at the last minuite..

I did some re-financing and bought out my old partners (which were the reason it was being sold)

So now it is mine..

and it will remain that way for a long time I hope..

I have seen a lot of people post here and bash John... I don't post here... but I use his free service.

I don't care what anyone says.... John provides a good free service... and has answered all questions promptly.

Datablocks to this day has been the best FREE service I have ever used. No FREE provider is 100% great... but all in all my site is on Datablocks... and I hope it will stay there for a very long time.

I for one am greatful for his service... he even hosts my domain with no ads and CGI that actually works... try looking for that else where.

And no I am not John... just a happy user.
You people need to realize that the design of a webhost doesnt mean sh!t.

I dont care if my webhost ripped off of Microsoft. As long as the service is great, I'll use it.

And as for the people saying that DB is lying, who the hell are you to be going around judging the quality of hosts because of their website design?

Don't get me wrong, ripping a site design is not (in my mind) considered good. But actaully saying a person is a bad host because the guy he hired to design his site wasn't very good at designing websites...That's pathetic.

It's not even his fault. Geeze people, get a life.
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