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Dedicated IP. Why?


New Member
I know some of the advantages of having a dedicated IP for my site but I was wondering what you all could come up with as good reasons to have one. We can get rid of e-commerce reasons because I don't see that being an issue. At least not for awhile and only for people to pay for subscriptions to my site. I would like to have a SSL cert just for the privacy of my members and myself.

Other than that what can you come up with? Is there a difference in page load speed since only my site would be using that IP? Things like that...
There will be no visible change in the loading speed of your site with dedicated IP. Also, you have to justify the usage of dedicated IP for your site, so SSL is a valid justification.
I suppose, with some setups a dedicated IP would mean there is always a way to access the website, regardless of DNS issues (ie, before transfering the site, the IP would act as the domain). Now, some shared servers allow your website to be accessed like "serverip/~username", but I have found that this isn't always the case.
Main reason tarawa (hi fromm FFR :D) is the anonymous FTP I've been talking about. Normally a anonymous FTP is only given to dedicated IP's. That is because of the increased amount of BW it uses. It is completely possible, however, to use a anonymous FTP on a shared IP. However to pay for the BW comapnies normally charge an ***load extra. Luckily with the new server switch we are making at FFR we now have anonymous FTP.
Maybe you own a short domain that makes a lot of sense, ex. hacks.it . Maybe you've somehow got a 2 lettered domain somewhere at some point in time ex. co.nr ......

Btw, the domain that I regret that I've missed out the most is jes.us man... I want tha tdomain.