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Dedicated server

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I'm looking for a dedicated server, it needs to have 2-4TB of bandwidth and either a 100mbs - 1gbit connection.

The server needs to be powerful, as i'll be doing a lot of cpu intensive encoding and other things simultaneously on the server (quad core or xeon (whatever is powerful and in my budget); i'm not too sure about the processors, I'm not going to be specific), also at least 4GB RAM. However I don't need a big hard drive 100-200GB would be enough.

The server will need ubuntu installed; managed or unmanaged will be accepted. Payment by PayPal only, as that's the only way I can pay also I am willing to buy multiple months in advance if there's a good discount.

My budget is at around no more than 150-200$ pm and i'm looking to get the server in a few weeks from now.
a server for cpu intensive encoding might be over your budget, the best shot would be Quad Core Dual Xeon.
Within your budget we can offer you i-7 or Xeon, say our standard offer is:

Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHz
250Gb SATA
Traffic 1500Gb
Price $180.00/mo

There are lots of other deals available at http://www.natcoweb.com/build_your_server.html

Please pm if interested.
I can offer you our new server configuration

Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quad-Core
inkl. Hyper-Threading-Technology
Harddisks 2 x 750 GB SATA-II HDD
Software-RAID 1
1 GBit OnBoard Networkcard
with 100 MBit-connection
100 GB Backup Space
2000 GB Traffic included
cPanel & WHM
Fantastico Deluxe
RV Skins
CentOS 5.4 64 Bit
4 IP Addresses

Setup $ 99.00
Monthly $ 142.99

we can waive the Setup fee if you stay with us for 12 months. Traffic is 2000 GB at 100 Mbit, then we would reduce it to 10 Mbit or you pay 29.99 to get another 2000 GB at 100 Mbit. Use coupon code 12-Month-Contract to get Free Setup. :cool2:
Hi I can offer you our following intel quad core quality dedicated server ..

Intel Core2quad 2.4ghz
500GB SATA 2
5000GB Premium Bandwidth
100 MBPS Uplink Port
6 IP Addresses
Ubuntu Server TLS Operating System
Basic Management
APC Remote Reboot Port

Only for $189/month

Server Plan URL: http://www.beemhost.com/dedicated/qualityservers.html (Q-6)

If you pay for 3 months I can offer you 5% discount on it and if you pay for 6 months I can offer you 10% discount on it. These discounts will be life time with your server.

Our servers are also easily upgradeable and comes with the following guarantees

30 days moneyback guarantee (exclusive)
100% uptime guarantee and SLA
4 Hours hardware replacement guarantee and SLA

For further details on our guarantees visit here: http://www.beemhost.com/dedicated/gurantee.html

For details on our datacenter and for network test kindly visit here: http://www.beemhost.com/datacenter.html

We happily accept paypal payments ..
If your interested.

We have a few of these machines in our Chicago DC. We are not listing these on our site. PM or e-mail us with any questions.

Core2Quad Q9550
Yorkfield 2.83GHZ w/ 12Mb L2 Cache
Memory8 GB DDR2
500 GB Seagate SATA Drive
Ubuntu Server 8.04
Network100 Mbps Uplink Port
10 TB Monthly Bandwidth Allocation
5 Static IP Addresses
$179.00 pm


Xeon Dual Core E3110 3.0ghz L2 cache 6MB
Hardware500 GB Sata 7200rpm
Memory4 GB DDR2 RAM
500 GB Sata 7200rpm
Ubuntu Server 8.04
Network100 Mbps Uplink Port
10 TB Monthly Bandwidth Allocation
5 Static IP Addresses
139.00 PM

CPanel/WHM $20.00 PM
SoSolabs Has this to offer you.

Data Center: HostDime Orlando DC2
CPU Core 2 Quad: Q8300 2.5GHz
Memory: 4096 MB
Uplink Speed: 100 Megabit
Monthly Bandwidth: 3000 GB
Hard Drive 1: 250GB SATAII
Fully Managed

$175.00 a month
Server 3
CPU: Core2Quad Q9550
Ram: 8GB
Hard Drive: 1TB
Bandwidth: 3500GB/MONTH
IP Addresses: 5
DDoS Protection: Yes
Monthly Price: $154.95/mo
Order Now - Secure

Ubuntu 7 - Free
Ubuntu 8 - Free
Ubuntu 9 - Free

All Other OS are available... Please click on Order Now to select more.

What you can expect:

  • Free Reboots
  • Powerfull Servers at low prices!
  • Free Control Panel Installation
  • Full Root Access
  • Server hardened when delivered
  • DDoS Protection
We Accept All Major Credit Cards, Paypal, MoneyBookers and Alertpay as payment methods.
Prahost.com offers you

Intel Q9550, 4x 2.83 GHz CPU
8.192 MB RAM
2x 500 GB SATAII Harddisk
100 MBit, 5.000 GB Traffic
119.00 EUR = 162.481 USD

Company : Melorhosts.com

Core2Quad 9550 SINGLE CPU QUAD CORE 2.83GHZ 1333FSB (12MB CACHE)
Ram : 8 GB
Harddisk : 1 TB
Bandwidth : 4 TB
Add $50.00 for 100mbps unmetered.
uplink port : 100mbps

Price : $140.00

Operating System : Ubuntu.9.0.4

Server Location : US

Server 2
Core i7 860 Quad Core Dedicated Server - SINGLE CPU QUAD CORE 2.8GHZ FSB 2.5 GT/s (8MB CACHE) w/HT
Ram : 8 GB
Harddisk : 1 TB
Bandwidth : 4 TB
Add $50.00 for 100mbps unmetered.
uplink port : 100mbps

Price : $160.00

Operating System : Ubuntu.9.0.4

Server Location : US

Interested you can contact at : admin@melorhosts.com and bharan_n@yahoo.co.in
or Add me in msn or yahoo messenger id : bharan_n@yahoo.co.in

I hope you like our offer.
Serverpoint can do for you
* Dual core Pentium E6300 2.8Ghz
* 2GBs of RAM (maximum 4GBs)
* 500GB hard drive
* 2,240GBs IN + 2,240GBs OUT of bandwidth/month
* Remote Reboot


Please contact me if you have any question.
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