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Defamatory post against me; please remove.

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I was told that Jan or Peo could remove a defamatory post hosted on the FreeWebspace.net community about me made by a "customer" who refused to pay for services for months.

As a last resort this individual began to make up stories about "nazism" after the web server was rooted and the main page was compromised during my absence.

I find it just too convenient that they came up with that story about me at the EXACT same time an anonymous user login named "spooky" was found editing html and php content on the web server. Far from coincidence. I would have pursued it sooner, but for one, I never thought that anyone would be that pathetic and two, I didn't believe that if they were you would tolerate it to stay on your server (much less be locked for no further discussion).

If you search for james wasil on google, you will see that chris and his friends continue to use YOUR freewebspace.net community as a haven to defame MY character and the character of others.

Please put an end to that as soon as possible.

I have already written to support, and am following up with legal actions if this cannot be resolved peacefully. I really would prefer a peaceful resolution, and as such, have provided 30 days to remove the offensive, unprofessional, and racially motivated content against me from your systems. This should be plenty of time to alleviate the situation.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

James Wasil


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You need to start by pointing out any post or thread that you have a problem with. And explain exactly why you feel that it should be removed. And do so privately to me. From what I see that member hasn't posted here for more than 6 years, so we need a really good reason.
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