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Desktop Running Slow


Chairman/CEO TMCG
So, I just upgraded my main hard drive from 650gb to 1tb and re installed the OS, and been in the process of reinstalling just the programs I absolutely need/want.

Right now, my physical memory keeps saying it is at 70% on average, and for some reason it seems like the desktop is running slow/lagging.

There is nothing even running except for Avast and Snaggit.

These were running before I switched hard drives, and didn't seem to have this issue.

Any ideas on how to speed up my PC? I run scans (anti virus, malware/spyware) and dont have no issues.
You need to check your memory of your computer. Might be that your computer is consuming a lot of virtual memory that is causing your desktop to run slow. You need to either upgrade your RAM or you can also try out scanning your hard drive to check back your partition history.
Be sure when you were installing the hard drive that one of the ram sticks were not bumped and no longer seated. Is the computer registering all your ram?

Did you change what O.S. you are using?
Please check the startup process for your machine. Many unwanted processes might be running at the backend which might be using resources. You can remove that by typing msconfig command in run and then selecting startup. Now uncheck the process which you do not need. Also please clear all temp files.
I think the problem is lying in Chrome. When I bring up task manager, it shows like 10 to 15 things for it alone. Not sure why. Does the same thing on my laptop.

When it is open, it is like 70% and when I close it, it drops to like 40 to 50%
I doubt you'd have unneeded or unnecessary background processes running if you just formatted the machine...

Chances are, one or more of your RAM modules aren't seated properly and the machine isn't registering all of the RAM. Take the cover off (while the computer is powered down of course) and make sure the RAM is seated firmly into the slots.
Something doesn't seem right. Unless you're using a dedicated GPU, sometimes RAM will be allocated to the onboard graphics, but you should definitely have more the 3GB worth of usable memory out of 6. I'd try running a memory checking utility to find out if one of your modules could be faulty.
May be check your space once if it is full then there is a chance and also it depends up on the ram so i think if you post full specification of your laptop then it will be useful