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Directadmin X cPanel

Directadmin X cPanel

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What do u prefer.
How many space
Reseller or no?
Make a donation to keep the free hosting?
Would click some ads for it?
I prefer cPanel and have been using it for quite some time.

How many space? I'm not sure what you mean. Reseller support? It may be needed.
Would I make a donation to keep a free hosting? Yes, although I have never needed free hosting.
I would be more opposed to clicking some ads. Maybe a one time donation would be better.

How many space is (HD Space :eek:))
Im going to start a new free hosting premium and i need to know exactly whats the peoples need.
Donation or click ads just to help us to maintain the service. That will have:
Directadmin with Installatron.
Free reseller with Whm/cPanel/Whmphp/Trendyflash/LiteSpeed/SoftAculous
Remote backup service

I've done it one day and I'm coming back to stay.
Control Panel: cPanel. It's the industry standard for a reason.
How many space: The majority of users only use a couple GB of space.
Reseller or no?: Sure.
Make a donation to keep the free hosting?: People go to free hosting because it's free and they don't have money to spend. They aren't going to donate.
Would click some ads for it?: There are so many hosts that offer no ad, no post hosting. Why would anybody click ads on your host when they can go to a host that doesn't do any of that?
cPanel is the more commonly used control panel. DirectAdmin many years ago was competetive, but it has fallen short since.

Plesk seems to be the closest competitor to cPanel at the moment
DirectAdmin and cPanel both are control panel solutions for your web hosting administration allows you to manage different options of your hosting account. Both are developed by different companies are in use by many different hosting providers. Though both do the same job (hosting account management) by using GUI, users have their likes and dislikes about them. Here are some of the points you make like or dislike:

1. Both are paid but fees are not same.

2. DirectAdmin is an easy control panel which providers you access to your webmail, admin options, file management, database management and other hosting related functions. You will get every option available on your home screen which makes it really easy to manage your hosting account.
cPanel is best for beginners as well as experienced hosting users because its very easy to navigate different options, unlike DirectAdmin, cPanel splits the features into categories, which makes them easier to find. CPanel also provides more features and plugins than DirectAdmin does.

3. Both DirectAdmin and cPanel are very similar yet they have many differences. Both provide you options for server configuration using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) but i believe its cPanel that provide you more options than DirectAdmin, though both do not cover 100% server management using GUI but its cPanel that provide you more options than DirectAdmin. 2nd one leave you with lots of management to be done by root shell (command line).

4. If you go with DirectAdmin, it is expandable, but the cost of adding additional functionality is very high whereas in cPanel, you can add plugins and modules very easily without much or any added cost. cPanel also allow expert / advance users to do their custom code to manage different things at their own and they may develop their own plugins as well.

Bottom Line: For me cPanel is a better option to go with since its very easy to manage your hosting especially if you are a beginner.

DirectAdmin is expandable, but the cost of adding additional functionality is very high. With cPanel, you can add plugins and modules very easily without much or any added cost. Along with the expandability through modules and plugins, advanced users can custom code options directly into the system.

cPanel is a UNIX based administration panel that allows the administrative functions of the website from the administrator, retailer or end-user level. This is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel and can handle all website administration features in the interface.

DirectAdmin is a lightweight control panel that supports Linux. It is directly used for hosting and provides administrative options for managing all parts of your hosting account, this is the internet panel for easy management of dedicated servers.