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Does anyone know of a utility or a software, which gets for you the directory listing for a particular website!

lets say, for example, if i type www.yahoo.com
the it will give me the directory listed out, and then the sub-directories..

Actually i tried it out many months ago, when i came across this software on download.com via google, but at that time, since i didnt need it, so i didnt save it or remeer the name!
but now when i need it, i cannot recoollect any info on that!

So does anybody know of any softwares which get the directory listing for a particular website???
it's not possible. Web servers can be configured not to allow directory listings. if you want to try any download manager, they will give you an approximation though
how do download managers can do this?
do u know any particular download manager which you have tried?
I don't know how, but they won't give you the complete picture, just anything ref'd in the scripts I guess. I use flashget's explorer.
well i searched google for wget and curl, and when i went to the download pages of both the websites, there were sop many things...
i was just confused

in short, can u tell me how to go about downloading and installing and running the application...because on the download page there are so many files, libraries and etc...etc...
dont they have just one executable file to download???
hey getright, is really handy...
the browser actually displays all the links and stuff..thats cool...

thanks for that!

also wget is good from command prompt too...its a bit fast ...but i prefer getright, because u can see the links, how are they connected and stuff....

btw thanks guys for the replies....