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doomachine2000 / wirehost.ws

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Neil Ramos, i am just trying to help the thread. Sorry if it 'blacklists' you in this thread in anyway, i just want to get this sorted like everyone else.
T.M. said:
Good point about the Indian thing. OK now thats cleared up...

Indeed, maybe we should stop posting posts which we cant prove, lets just wait for HW to clear things up when he has the info :classic2:.
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craig said:
Indeed, maybe we should stop posting post which we cant prove, lets just wait for HW to clear things up when he has the info :classic2:.

I agree with you Master Craig. :God:
Ok. Totally ignore everything about neil ramos from now on.

Any more posts about neil ramos in this thread, and i will report it.

ok i thought that i would bring to attention that doom is a scammer

When i hosted his reseller a number of times my server got pulled because he was hsoting fake shops etc.to scam peoples credit cards and paypals accounts

Ofcourse once i was aware i deleted his ----

Just thought i would bring that up
doom came on and i blocked him cos he has been a total prick lately and and now i find my paypal is locked and i have lost over 2 grand :O

I seriously mean no harm i have never done anything malicious in my life i get good school grades and my police record is clear please dont sue me ans fsk up my life
People, lets just wait untit HW clears this up, Gavin is as much to blame as doom, hacking is a crime.
craig said:
People, lets just wait untit HW clears this up, Gavin is as much to blame as doom, hacking is a crime.
Good point..
HW just tell me if you need help:.
Hey guys, thanks for keeping this thread alive. It will prove useful.

I just woke up, 11:35 am EST. Went to bed (to attempt to sleep) around 4am EST.

I'd like to say, thanks to much of our redundancy, there is quite a lot of customers, that we thought would not be restored, actually getting restored.

I hope this satisfies a lot of the clientele.

Legal action is definately, without question, being persued at this time. All three parites involved.

If Gavin and Doomachine2000 do not pro-actively release personal information to any members of my firm, then we will use the FBI to gain that personal information.

Some personal notes for everyone directly involved:

This is not something that will NOT go away.
Paypal locking is nothing compared to the potential sanctions that are only due.
The shame I feel alone to 700 sites that trusted one of my servers is tremendous, how do I address these people? (Which I have yet to do completely).
Being today is Sunday, there is only 24 hours remaining, NY Time, for the personal information to be sent, emailed, called in, carrier Pigeoned over, or personally delivered. Monday morning is a regular business day.
I am only more angered with the fact I've not accomplished anything in regards to moving forward, while not even sleeping well.
As for my reputation:

Not too concerned.

Everything, not sensitive to the forthcoming suits, will be posted here.
So any future attackers might get to stop and think before they do anything damaging.

Once this thread is over, I assure you, everyone who has read it will be thinking to themselves.

"I'm glad I'm not that person."
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I hear you HW. I really hope you get money for all of this damage, and find some way to address your users about this. The easiest thing you could do is probably just tell them flat out what happend, someone hacked your server, and the backup server, therefore, all accounts were lost.
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