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is hard to learn this language ? is it like english and german or more like french and spanish ? do you think i could learn in when iam 20yrs or later ? i can already speak german and english, do you guys think its possible for me to learn this language ?
Originally posted by murat 666

almost like a german-english mix
I agree, I can "read" more from a Dutch site than a Spanish site. You shouldn't have too much problem learning it :)
Yes, Dutch is a Germanic language, like English and German, an it is essentially an English-German mix (closer to German than it is to English). Shouldn't have too many problems with it if you already know both English and German.
i watched some dutch tv, and yes actually i can understand pretty much, and ive never learned dutch before, they speak pretty slow, other then spanish or french
i think i will try it.
I don't see the use why you should learn dutch.....but as far as I have heard of my mother tongue, it can be more difficult to learn than you think
anyone know some pages where i can get informations ? i really want to learn instead of spanish or french
Then how the hell does he know how French and Spanish is?
Well, one doesn't have to speak the language to at least have noticed its differences from ones own. Even if you had never heard it or seen it written, you can at least connect that your languages are Germanic, French and Spanish are Romantic, therefore the latter two will share less in common with yours than another Germanic language would.

To me, Dutch always sounded like German with an odd accent. Then again, I don't know German that well, and I don't know Dutch at all.
i know turkish and german, i learn english since iam 10 years, spanish for a year, and i have to learn french for 3 months. it really sucks, its the hardest of all
I had French for three years and German for two years. It didn't do a lot of good, but I can get a basic understanding of what I am reading on a French or German site.

Murat, I will see if I can find out from a Dutch friend where would be the best place to go for information on learning Dutch :)