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f2s.com and Web Caching


New Member
How Do I Disable the Cache in f2s.com ?

Every Time I Upload Files to f2s Server it Always "Remembers" the Old Files Until After a Few Hours

Settings? Don't think there is.
Don't know if other users have this "caching" problem too, you tell me.
Had the problem bigtime. I didn't try Opera, but it wasn't a browser problem at all for me. I uploaded files, nothing showed up and when I came into work the next day and checked on this computer the changes still didn't show up. I have my browsers set not to cache pages anyway, and normally they don't. It took several days before I could see the updates. This was a couple of months ago at least. At that point I noticed that my site was getting a little large for f2s anyway, and bailed and went to WorldzonePro, so I'm not sure if they've improved that or not.
I Have a Feeling We're Not Alone with this Problem

I Think that the Problem is that the f2s Server is Set to Cache the Uploaded Files, That's Why I Wanted to Know if there is an Option to Adjust the Settings in f2s (Disable Cache).

I'll Check WorldzonePro Out.

Thank You Both!

put this in your <head> and </head>

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

that will make it so yoru browser doesnt cache your pages

I've had that problem also, for about the last month or so. (Never had the problem before that, so hopefully it'll go away again eventually.) If it's a small file you're updating, like just an HTML file or small graphic, just repeat the upload 2 or 3 times and it'll immediately show the updated version. Usually twice is enough... just refresh your page to see if it's showing the updated version, and if it isn't then simply upload the file again (in the same FTP session) and it should work. It's inconvenient and takes a few extra seconds, but seems effective. Unfortunately, with a large number of files or with very large files it's a lot more inconvenient. Usually with large files I just wait and hope it'll show up after a few hours (which it usually does).
I had similiar problems with lots of providers. When I do shift+reload with Netscape 4.76 Linux I see the file, which was uploaded a minute before.
This was something special at F2s in my experience. Lots of people were having the problem - although not all in the same way, it seems. I update sites on several hosts. This didn't occur except on F2s. And the changes didn't show up on other computers, not just mine.
I remember there was a lot of talk about it around the time they installed the new servers. But I don't remember what caused it. And their board is gone. But surely it can't be that they keep copies? I remember other trouble with certain ISPs. Some people couldn't view their sites at all. Well, f2s sure is peculiar.