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Finding out what files are on a server


New Member
Hey guys,

I'm new here and I need your expertise.

Is there anyway I can find out what files are in a folder on a server (if this folder already has an index.html file)???

i use a downloader called GetRight, this program also allows you to view files on some servers.
No. There's not a way. People put in blank index.html so that people don't view those files.

Why do you need to anyways?
He probably wants to find the download link to a paid script. Although, it is possible as I have done it with this sweet program, which I will only tell you if you post an adam sandler quote.
Johnson (LG) said:
He probably wants to find the download link to a paid script.

Where did that come from? And there IS a way. But I'm not telling either. Anybody who knows anything - yes, I am talking about what you are thinking. Might not be the most effective way, but...it works, eventually.

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~~Adam Sandler

I just had to do it.
peace_hope, that doesn't count. We all know you just went to Google and typed in "Adam Sandler quotes".

As I have said to you before:

I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
Last time I checked, you were not Johnson (LG)...

So please do not judge my quotes that I post. I did what he said, found a quote from adam and posted it. He did not say not to do a google search for it or anything like that... So please get off my back
Johnson has joined me and Hottweelz in posting Adam Sandler quotes (from movies) in the forums.


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Email the prof? Guess? IE, if he puts up lectures in the form "lec1.pdf, lec2.pdf"...then maybe try "lec14.pdf"?

Or if all the files are in a www drive on some server, as a public user you have access to the folder. But if you browsed to the directory from a shell or something you could get a directory listing.