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firefox 1.5(beta)

I can't decide if I want to upgrade or not. I suppose I was using firefox since it was called phoenix, and it was beta during all that time and didn't have many problems, so I may give it a try. I jsut think of that saying, if it ain't broken, why fix it?
I tried it. None of my extensions worked and my themes. Decided to stick with 1.0.6, nothing wrong with it.
Ah, I didn't even think about extentsions and such not working. Good thing I decided not to mess with it yet.
notnamed said:
One of the other big improvements are the smart error messages (which can also be turned on in 1.0.x, see here.)

I've been doing that since Phoenix 0.4 in my user.js file.

user_pref("browser.xul.error_pages.enabled", true);

I don't really make use of any extensions, but I probably still won't upgrade yet.
Ya, I have been doing that very same thing as well. The pop up window was annoying.
Im useing Deer Park alpha 2 and its the some as Firefox 1.5....
why did they do that?
geiogunn said:
Im useing Deer Park alpha 2 and its the some as Firefox 1.5....
why did they do that?
Deer Park is the code name for Firefox 1.5, much the same as Longhorn was the codename for Windows Vista.
RE: firefox 1.5 beta

I have installed the Firefox 1.5 beta and it is working well. I have been using Firefox 1.0 to access the Akeni Enterprise IM web client and by changing to Firefox 1.5 there seems to be improvement in the performance of some applications. Firefox is great.
What I'd like sometimes is to rearragne windows on my task-bar...any way to do that?

Maybe I should try to use tabs more. I used to love tabs when I used Opera, but now I don't seem to use them in FF.
I am addicted to tabbed browsing. On web forums, I basically middle click (open in tab) any thread that looks of interest, then just go from tab to tab answering them.

Then, while I am surfing, I often get a spure of ideas that involves me just opening a new tab and cruising a new site, sometimes in relation to some of the others. I really love tabbed browsing, its my favorite feature that Firefox/Mozilla/Opera/..etc. employ
When I used Firefox, nothing ever opened in tabs. I didnt know you had to click with a different button to use them. I like AOL Explorer as linked sites automatically open in a new tab.
Well, 1.5 apparently fixes that mad bug with the vbulletin textboxer thingy (where it mad expands.. :p)

But unfortunately, since most of my extensions won't be converted yet, I will wait.