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FlyCast / Engage, Go Bye Bye?

They've also got a new payment process which loosely translated means if you're with them past May or June, don't expect to get everything they owe you. Of course, with bankruptcy looming, if you're still with them now...

Meanwhile, their stock is at $0.22, in a race with 24/7 to see who can hit worthlessness first.
Well they're certainly not seeing enough of an upick in the media department to justify keeping it alive. As you may have heard since the first announcement was posted here, Engage have announced that they are turning their back on the company's media (ad sales representation) division, and are seeking a buyer - though few seem willing to burden themselves with such a lossy division.

Engage is attempting to establish itself as primarily a software provider, since they are seeing greater returns from that division, but a quick look at their balance sheet makes it clear that their survival beyond this year is seriously under question, regardless of whether or not they somehow manage to attain a decent price for Media.
Dunno if this is true, but I heard a newsletter was sent out stating that as of September 26, 2001 Engage will stop serving ads. Ouch is that gonna hurt!
What kinda makes me happy is the fact that all of the crap sites that were lucky to get into Engage during the early years will be screwed. This will make those who couldn't get into their network with a quality site feel some justice has been done.
Originally posted by mrpaul
Dunno if this is true, but I heard a newsletter was sent out stating that as of September 26, 2001 Engage will stop serving ads. Ouch is that gonna hurt!

yup, that's true, no banner is count on 26 Sep and afterward in my Engage Account, so I'm much sad about this, can anyone suggest some ad company as an alternative? It's not easy to find a trusted ad site :(
What are the last existing ones

What companies like flycast still exist? I know of doubleclick but no others. And what conditiona re they in?
- L90 (just sold its ad serving platform to DoubleClick)
- 24/7 Media (still burning cash and desperatly offloading lossy units. Would be delisted by now if it wasn't for the Nasdaq's decision to change its listing requirements until Jan, 2002)
- Real Media (just exited media biz, and may sell its ad serving platform to DoubleClick).
- ValueClick (performing relatively well, in process of merging with technology provider MediaPlex. Approx. 20% owned by DoubleClick)

So, in short, DoubleClick really is more-of-less the last big online ad rep and technology provider.

FastClick is rapidly rising to a position of influence within the industry, though, and if its own ad platform secures a few big clients, it could be seen as a threat. At present, though, it's a relatively minor player.