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FREE Domain (with no ads) To A Good Home

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With ezyrewards recently reaching 10,000 members, I thought I would celebrate the milestone and register a domain for a deserving person.

So provide the following details and I will choose who I think deserves it the most. This means the more original the site the better.

Your Name:
Current URL:
Brief Site Description:
Why you should get the domain:

I will let people enter for a week or two, just to give a lot of people a chance.
Your Name: Jake


Current URL: macdre.atspace.com

Brief Site Description:
A website made in memory of Andre 'mac dre' Hicks a rap artist from Vallejo, California. Mac Dre was sadly a victim of a drive-by last year in Kansas.

Why you should get the domain:
Because my website is just about the only website dedicated to Mac Dre, my website is non-commercial and I'm a kid :classic2:
Your Name: Robert Allen
Age: 14
Current URL: teenout.com
Brief Site Description: It is a teen chat site, and it kinda sucks.
Why you should get the domain: I have the experience, and i have a script that i wish i use that had been tested and currently works. All i need is the domain to create the site. I know many people say that i already own a lot of other domains. This is because i freeload for them, and i have no online money. If you pick me i will make you a co-admin of the site. The domain i want to get is completely worth it, and i have the space time to start this site ASAP.
robert allen said:
Brief Site Description: It is a teen chat site, and it kinda sucks.

That shows that you are not a optimist, you rate your own work as crap, in my opinion I dont think thats good. Usually if I dont like my own work, I do the obvious thing, redo it until I like it.
Your Name: Flavian Castellino

Current URL: http://xmobilegamer.tk/ -=^=- http://flaviancastellino.tk/

Brief Site Description:
my site is about free mobile games/appz/ringtones/logos........ and every thing about mobile. its any interesting site becoz it has both website and wap site for easy access to my site

Why you should get the domain:
becoz i think my site needs a domain name to give it a professional look and help people to give them what they need for free. All i need is the domain to create the site. This domain will be a boon to my website


Your Name: Flavian Castellino

Current URL: http://flaviancastellino.tk/

Brief Site Description:
This site is about web designs in flash, PHP, full sites etc,logos, fonts,

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Your Name:Adnan
Age: 18
Current URL: www.cenmu.com
Brief Site Description:Site about mobiles and technology with downloads, forum, blog topsites....
Why you should get the domain:
because i think that i deserve it. I have nice looking site with portal and forum.
i started it in sunday. ( if you pick me i will make you supermoderator of my forum)
Name: Michael B

Age: 16

Link to your site:

Brief Description:
Freedom Design gives out high-quality, completely free webdesign. It's aimed both at the business professional, and, more importantly, at the individual. Our mission is to help people without the technical expertise set up high quality websites at no cost. Freedom Design is the first (to my knowledge) free webdesign company available. It's still yet fresh, but I've already been recieving a lot of response and positive feedback. I've been greatly encouraged by how receptive the online community is of this idea.

Why you should get the domain:
Freedom Design is a non-profit organization that gives away free webdesign and other freelance services. We accept donations of all types, and domain-name would be greatly appreciated. It would greatly appeal more to the professional crowd and gain more trust with the individual too. I expect my website to receive decent traffic. My previous website endeavours have met with success.

If you want, I'll put a graphic link, and short paragraph and bio in an honored "Donor" section, if you so desire. Of course, that's entirely up to you.


Name: Michael B

Age: 16

Link to your site:

A blog, asciiart comic strip, and a site where I can post the musical compositions I have written. My asciiart comic strip is the second largest ever (from what I can tell), and my music has received nothing but good reviews ( http://www.mixposure.com/tonal-discrepancy ). I also have a site dedicated to the mathematically intriguing style of Waveform Palindrome Music, although it's not quite finished yet. You can still, however, listen to the seven perfect palindrome tracks I've done at my blog. Just click the "My Palindrome Music" on the left.

I am interested in a top-level domain which is similar to michaelpb.com (the exact domain I will disclose if I am selected)

My website currently has top google ranking for several search terms, including:
(palindrome music)

(top hat man)
I am planning to eventually create a site dedicated to palindrome music.

As for proof of traffic:
That's a screenshot of my webstats for the month of July. My website has only been around for a few months, and my traffic has been steadily rising.

I am willing to put a link/button back to your site and/or modest text ads on all of my pages.

Thank you for the offer!
--Michael B
Mike, site's not working, I might be interested in design if I could see some samples..

Your Name: Jacob
Current URL: http://www.recoil.hostyournet.com/
Brief Site Description: Webhosting Family Sites Boards Hosting 4 Clans
Forum Hosting Other Sites for Friends
Why you should get the domain: well cuase i need a domain for my Hosting like my Family websites and webhosting and Boards and Hosting 4 Games and Hosting 4 Clans and Forum Hosting and Other Sites Hosted For Friends
Your Name: Yorick Horrie
Age: 16
Current URL:


Brief Site Description:

i have a site (it's not finished yet) there will be information about me and my friends an familly, after a while i want to create a small community where all my friends can comunicate with each other trough a forum.

Why you should get the domain:

after a while i want to create a small free e-mail service for my familly so they have a e-mail that everyone can see that they are from the same familly.
Your Name: Seth
Age: 15
Current URL: http://socom.remixhost.com
Brief Site Description: Will be a Socom site, but I just got it and am looking for a free domain to get it more popular... Im going to start working on it ASAP
Why you should get the domain: I can't buy domain names cause my parents have no credit cards and no intention to get one at all.. I've wanted one since my first site a long time ago but no one would spare 7 bucks.
Your Name: Anthony Vu

Age: 15/22 im representing multiple persons

Current URL: havnt got acctually 1 that is mine but my friend and me are running an design site www.netwavedesignz.com that will close so i need an new domain i dont own the site im a co-owner

Brief Site Description: it will be a design community for phpnuke themes, zentri themes, logo request, sig request and many more we have some good designers only we are waiting for a domain...

Why you should get the domain: cause it will be a good running design community i can guarantee that cause our other (netwave) has over 90.000
page views and everytime i check the site there are atleast 2 or 3 unregisterd members so many unique visitors a month
as you can see we are a proffesional design community not a bunch of kids who are trying to get something, I am willing to put youre link as our main sponsor on the site if you can provide the domain (with an link in the site supporters block)

and i need a TLV domain cause it's a portal running on phpnuke if i use a redirect url like .tk or .co.nr people wont be able to register or login by the redirect url if i host the site on the TLV domain it self people can

Kindest regards,
Anthony Vu
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Your Name: Ben Manera
Age: 16
Current URL: http://www.vck.ecwhost.com/forum/ and http://vck.servebeer.com
Brief Site Description: A site for our GTA clan (Vice City Killaz) which has been aorund for several years. We play GTA online using mods such as MTA and VC-MP. Our clan is a very well known and respected clan in the MTA community. Our site gives members and other people news relating the clan and allows our clan members as well as other members to chat relating toward the clan and on other topics which relate to GTA. The actual site is still waiting to be uploaded onto another server but can be seen at moment at http://vck.servebeer.com
Why you should get the domain: I think I should get the domain as it would really help the clan beocme more well known. It will also make the site and forums feel more personal. We are going to soon update the site to include information and news relating GTA and add movies which we will create soon in either Vice City or San Andreas. I think the domain will attract more people to the site. I am also happy to place a text add or even a button somewhere on the website and a text ad in the footer of forums if you wish to. I know ezyrewards does not require ads, but an offer like this should be appreciated.
Current URL: relentless.postforhost.com
Brief Site Description: A portal for my team, hosting the files needed for certain games. We are a team of online game players which tries our best to help others. We also have a team for creating certain private servers, guiding newcomers on their servers. The site serves not only for files, but also latest news and guides will be posted soon. As the site was not announced due to the minor problems with the look and files itself, we would like to have a domain and set things right.
Why you should get the domain:
Our team's budget does not allow us to afford another domain. As we already have one in use. I hope that by getting this domain, we get more traffic and establish ourselves well.
Your Name: Jason Young
Age: 20
Current URL: http://aspo.zeeblo.com
Brief Site Description: Our full site name is this "Anti Starvation Poverty Organization" well we will be chattin on Starvation and Poverty around the world...realising that u are in a much better place than those who live in the third world country.Other than that we have some normal general section.
Why you should get the domain: We are a non-profit site who earn only through ads...We can't be pressin all those ads all the time therefore we need someone to provide us a domain for a year after that we should be able to use some money from our budget...By gettin this domain it will also attract more visitor and let the whole world how lucky we are livin in a first world country...

Thk in advance
Your Name: Cory Johnson
: 15
Current URL: http://www.suicide-gfx.gfxdd.com
Brief Site Description: It is a graphics site that is fastly growing. We offer competitions and show off the work that we make. We also have an area where people can request graphics for their own site such as banners, Splashes, or even just a signature and avatar
Why you should get the domain:The site desperately needs a domain. The forum just had to restart because of problems with the host so it had to start back over because the backup could not be found. With a domain we could bring the site back up.
Your Name: Joseph Garcia
Age: 16
Current URL: http://www.pbstudios.1fx.net
Brief Site Description: Its a humor site with our own original made movies! we have currently 5 movies undergoing we only make humor movies! movies not by us we show aswell like movies sent in to us!

check my webstats on my signature!
Your Name: David
Current URL:http://globolwarfare.e2uhosting.com/testphp/login/login.php
Brief Site Description:it is on lone rpg and it has 300 visters and i am looking for a domain but i can't afford it and the host i am using is to long for people to remember
Why you should get the domain:becouse i am providing a service for poeple , i am entertaining them and it also creaties an online commuinity.
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