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Free File Host 1gb File size


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Everyone get 1gb max file size

Guest files stored 90 days without a download

Registered files stored 150 days with a download

No sick or gross content plz adult content is allowed

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Seems to run off an IP (, also once images are uploaded you're given links like http://localhost/?a=d&i=6711175439

Would highly recommend you learn to setup a proper file host, on a paid service on a proper domain, or just don't set one up.
Right now I do not want to pay $200+ for a server. If I need a decent vps later on I just might get a vps right now it is just starting out I am good for now. If I had the money I would pay to get a few things added to this script and I would also get a nice template designed for it to
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So why did you release this site before it was finished? That's one hell of a rookie mistake.
It is good enough to be used with having premium accounts. You start out small and you upgrade when needed no file host started out with a $1000+ a month server
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It is good enough to be used with having premium accounts.

It's good enough? It doesn't work. All the links point to localhost, which is completely useless. You can't even download the files or share them once you upload them.
Here is what it's showing:

You're not getting it. http://localhost WILL NOT WORK. It is working for you, I'm guessing because these files are hosted on your home computer or something. Localhost is not accessible to anybody over the Internet. See the screenshot I included.
And now my IP has been banned. *sigh* There is a lot more work that needs to be done on this site before it's ready for the public.
It looks like it's working now, but do you have a static IP address with Comcast, for your home Internet? If not, what happens when the IP address changes, and those links no longer work?
IP changes like every 8 to 15 months cu.cc will always go to what ever the ip is. Files will be there as long as I am running this file host if the ip does changed all you have to do is update the ip
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Right, so the links that people get for sharing the files will be invalid once the IP changes. That's a HUGE iconvenience. I have never heard of a file sharing site doing anything like that before.